10 Hearty Fathers' Day Recipes For the Whole Family

10 Hearty Fathers' Day Recipes For the Whole Family

Show appreciation for Dad by whipping up these fulfilling mains, sides and desserts

With Fathers’ Day round the corner, show your appreciation for Dad by whipping up these fulfilling family meals that will leave him patting his belly in contentment.     

1. Vegetarian Briyani

Nothing beats layering on that love like making Vegetable Briyani. We love how the basmati rice soaks up all that spicy, sweet and savory flavors of the broth, giving you probably one of the best tasting rice in the world. The jackfruit acts as a tender meat substitute for this innovative vegetarian dish. As you prepare this family favorite for sharing, your dad will surely catch a whiff of the delicious spices simmering from his study!

2. Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding

Mmm…who can resist melting whipped cream over a warm bread pudding? In this Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding, your dad can dig into as much dessert without worrying about a carbohydrate overload. This decadent treat packs a punch with the lightly spiced keto bread base and a mouthful of rum-infused whipped cream. If you don’t have raspberries, strawberries or blueberries work as equally amazing stand-ins.

3. Chicken Curry Steak with Rojak Sauce

You can’t go wrong with pairing Dads with steak! This mouth-watering Chicken Curry Steak with Rojak Sauce is marinated before being grilled to perfection and drizzled with a nutty Rojak sauce. The multiple level of flavors burst through with every juicy bite and we promise you and your family will polish this dish off in no time. Serve it with steaming white rice and garnish with diced tomatoes and pomelo for an extra zing.

4. Matcha Tiramisu

Openly declare your love for Dad with this eye-catching Matcha Tiramisu. This Japanese take on the classic Tiramisu (it translates to Pick Me Up) brings together the popular ingredients of Japanese treats like red asuki beans and matcha powder with the Italian mascarpone cheese to provide a sweet, creamy end to any meal. Remember to whip your egg whites until they are stiff to obtain the coveted fluffy texture in this dessert.

5. Seafood Curry

Many Asian countries have their own beautiful coastline, and it’s no wonder that seafood has a huge place in Asian food. This delightful pot of Seafood Curry is prepared by celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman and is a fantastic main dish for any family dinner (especially so for Fathers’ Day). Fresh seafood is key in making this Seafood Curry – so procure your ingredients early in the fish market to secure the best catch of the day! You can also mix in other kinds of seafood like cockles, cuttlefish and crayfish if you can’t find blue crabs or clams in your local market.

6. Sweet Black Sesame Soup

Some Dads like their desserts traditional and this Sweet Black Sesame Soup is sure to appease both the preferences and sweet tooth of such fathers.  It’s super easy to make, meaning that you don’t have to fret about whipping this up after expanding all your energy on creating the family main dishes. This warm dessert made from rice and roasted sesame seeds is super comforting to have on cold days and is even rumored to be good for your hair and kidney (we’re sure your dads will appreciate this). 

7. Taro Rice (Yam Rice)

A wholesome Taro Rice make for a great carbohydrate dish to pair with your curries, soups and other delicious items you are cooking for your dad on Fathers’ Day. It’s a good option for time-strapped families as this only takes 30 minutes to complete. You can even buy pre-cut yam to cut down on the preparation time.  The starchy tam texture compliments the soft firmness of the shitake mushrooms really well, giving this dish a complex feel in the mouth even though it’s so simple to make.

8. Mango Sago Pomelo

Had too much spicy dishes in your main course? This sweet and sour Mango Sago Pomelo will surely cool you and your family members down in no time. It must be Hong Kong’s most famous dessert, as it has crossed borders worldwide to emerge in various countries around the globe! The brightly colored presentation and unique mix of tart, sweet and sour flavors must have led to its exponential rise in popularity. Recreate this icy-cool bowl of goodness for your dad and your entire family will thank you for it (especially if it’s a super hot day outside). 

9. Pancit Buko Guisado (Coconut Noodles)

Introduce or bring back the classic taste of Philippines with this fragrant pan of Pancit Buko Guisado! Each strand of rice noodle is coated with the slick sheen of spiced coconut gravy, making you slurp up this hearty plate of noodles in no time. There’s super special about the blend of coconut cream and shrimps – they come together in harmony to heighten the natural sweet taste of each other. The shrimps provide a nice firm crunchy bite and the coconut cream adds a touch of silky wonder to moisten the shrimps. Slice in some vibrant vegetables into this main dish and there is no doubt that your family will be reaching for seconds.

10. Kueh Dadar

Perhaps you can’t recall all the different Nyonya Kueh names by heart (we certainly have some trouble with that), but we are sure that you can recognize this famous dessert in a heartbeat. Kueh Dadar, with its bright green coat, naturally pulls your attention to itself when you step into a Nyonya cake shop. Caramelized Gula Melaka and coconut shreds are a match made in heaven and having them both wrapped in this aromatic pandan crepe makes us want to polish off the dessert plate in seconds. Roll some for your dad and he won’t be able to resist them too!

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