10 Great Ramadan Dishes To Cook For Iftar

10 Great Ramadan Dishes To Cook For Iftar

After a day of fasting, make any one of these delicious meals for Iftar this Ramadan

Come Ramadan, many Muslim households will be spending their days fasting (yes, that means no food and drinks!). But once dusk falls, you'll be sure to find that most households don't hold back when it comes to cooking meals to break their fast with. If you’re looking for a dish to make for Iftar, here are some great recipes you can try out!

1. Ayam Masak Merah

A common dish during Hari Raya festivities, Ayam Masak Merah - that’s Malay for ‘red-cooked chicken’-  is a tomato-based dish that not only packs a spicy punch, it’s also creamy and rich at the same time! While this dish uses some of the same spices of curry, the flavour and texture are nothing alike. Rub turmeric onto thechicken pieces and fry them before adding them into the sauce - by frying, you’re sealing in those chicken juices, making each bite so flavourful. We recommend serving this dish with a serving of rice.

2. Ayam Taliwang

Originating from Lombok, IndonesiaAyam Taliwang is a grilled chicken dish that is spicy, savoury and extremely easy to make! To save you time preparing for iftar, the rempah, or spice paste, can be made way beforehand so all you’ll have to do is slather it on the chicken and pop it in the oven to bake. Now with the rempah settled and flavours soaked in, you'll bite into an explosion of flavour.

3. Ikan Goreng Kicap

If fish is more of your thing than any other protein, try your hand at the oh-so-easy Ikan Goreng Kicap. Marinate a whole fish in turmeric and cornstarch before slipping it into a bath of hot oil. Top it off by slathering it in sweet and salty soy sauce infused with aromatics and there you have it - simplicity at its finest.

4. Butterfly Pea Cauliflower Nasi Lemak

If you’re a follower of the Keto diet, don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about you! Add a little something-something to your Keto culinary line-up by whipping up some Butterfly Pea Cauliflower Nasi Lemak. That’s right, we’ve replaced the nasior rice, with cauliflower, making this classic Malaysian dish absolutely keto-friendly. The blue butterfly pea will elevate the otherwise bland colour of the cauliflower rice and give it a rather appealing blue tinge. As with all versions of nasi lemak, whether it’s keto or not, we definitely recommend piling on the sambal!

5. Ayam Masak Lemak

Get ready to meet the ever-popular Ayam Masak Lemak. This dish, thought to be originated from Sri Lanka, is available at most Malay food stalls - just ask anyone and they’ll most likely be able to tell you their favourite food place to get this dish. This lemak is a yellow coconut curry that’s a combination of rich and spicy. There’s no need for you to deep fry the chicken first - all there is to do is simmer it in the curry, making the meat tender and packed with spices.

6. Lontong

Considered to be one of the popular breakfast choices you can have when you patronise a Malay food stall, Lontong is steamed rice compressed into a cylindrical form that is served together with sayur lodeh, a rich coconut vegetable stew. In our experience, lontong goes extremely well with a scoop of sambal and a spoonful of serunding- spiced coconut floss.

7. Beef Rendang

Another Hari Raya classic, Beef Rendang is a dish that's well-loved by the Malay community. It's versatile too, you can switch things up by using chicken or lamb instead. The beef in the rendang is best when it’s tender enough to be torn apart with a fork, so you can most definitely start preparing an hour before iftar and leave it to simmer on under a low-heat until it’s time to serve!

8. Tauhu Goreng

While this can be served as a side dish, Tauhu Goreng is actually filling enough to be considered as a main dish- especially when your stomach has most likely shrunk from fasting the whole day. This dish is easy to whip up and can be done in a matter of minutes. All you’ll need to do is prepare the sweet and spicy sauce (which can be done hours beforehand!) and fry up the tofu before serving it up. 

9. Indonesian Nasi Goreng

Hands down one of the ultimate Asian comfort foods, Indonesian Nasi Goreng is a dish that’s super quick to make with full-on flavour. So what makes Indonesia's version of nasi goreng different? Well, like most of Indonesia’s culinary offerings, this one doesn’t shy away from the use of sambal. But don’t worry, nasi goreng is so versatile that you can customise it with whatever ingredients you have stocked in your kitchen. 

10. Honey Sesame Tofu

Another tofu dish! This Honey Sesame Tofu dish is a vegetarian dish that’s perfect for those who prefer their meals to be on the sweeter - but with just a hint of heat - side of things. The firm tofu is fried to crispy perfection, making this dish a perfect combination of flavours and textures. Eat with rice, though it's also good on its own when you get snack-y after breaking your fast. 

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