10 Great Garlicky Recipes

10 Great Garlicky Recipes

Is there any ingredient that's quite as important as garlic? When raw, it's sharp and crunchy. When warmed, soft and mellow. And when fried, crisp and addictive

1. Buttery Garlic Naan

There is no Naan made complete without hot, fried, garlic - period. Of course, without it, you'll still get a naan that’s soft and puffy, charred and crunchy. All you've got to do is to nead a roll of flour, sugar, salt, cold sour yoghurt and yeast to get a doughy Indian flatbread you can keep munching on. It’s so good on its own, but really, really, becomes a star when you drizzle on sizzling garlic, melted butter (or ghee), and dipped into curried sauces, runny tomato blends or spiced meats.

2. Grilled Turmeric Chicken

Love grilled meat? Then you are going to love this Turmeric Grilled Chicken, a dish with Indonesian origin so juicy and succulent that it will keep you coming back for more. This recipe involves, quite simply, bathing the meat with a simple marinate of turmeric, coriander, garlic and oil, grilling and mixing together the dipping sauce! We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of marinating but if you do it all night, it will be juicier and tastier!

3. Chicken Rice Porridge

A sizzling mix of chicken fat, soy sauce and sesame oil is what makes this Chicken Rice Porridge magic. It’s helped by a heap of garlic and ginger fried to a exude a hypnotic smell that seeps through a warm pot of pillow-y white porridge. A simple and substantial 30 min meal.

4. Indomie Goreng with Hot Fried Garlic and Shallots

Toss and tangle Indomie Goreng with a smooth oil base of shallots, onions and garlic, and top it off with a lovely sunny-side up. Is there anything quite as addictive and satisfying than a nice hot plate of just that? Well, not to us- add more of the aromatic mix to a meal you'll slurp up in no time. 

5. Steamed Garlic Prawns

Is there any ingredient that is quite as important as garlic? It is not only nutritious, but adds a wonderful flavour to many recipes, especially this one – Steamed Garlic Prawns. A must-try dish to make at home, the garlic’s fragrance, prawn's unique sweetness and the mix of sauces gives this dish its pleasant savoury taste that will keep you wanting more!

6. Garlic Chicken Fried Rice

Not sure what to cook at home? We got the perfect recipe for you, not only is it easy, it can be cooked under 30 mins. Try our Garlic Chicken Fried Rice recipe, which is better than any takeout! Add in ingredients such as mushrooms can be added for that extra taste. You can also substitute chicken with beef, pork, or lamb or just go vegetarian!

7. Tom Yum Vongole Pasta

Part of traditional Neapolitan cuisine of Italy, vongole is usually cooked with olive oil, a good amount of garlic, chopped parsley, fresh clams and a splash of white wine. This Asian take on the Italian ‘pasta vongole’ has a delicious Thai twist! Our take? Chopped up more garlic for an great garlicky edge in this Tom Yum Vongole Pasta

8. Ginseng Chicken Soup

Jam-packed with nutritious goodness, the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang) is said to be the perfect summer dish fight the heat. The chicken is lovingly stuffed with soaked glutinous rice and gently simmered with garlic, ginger, and the super-herb of Asian cuisine, ginseng, said to aid in boosting energy and the immune system. Serve piping hot with rice, chopped scallions, salt and pepper on the side!

9. Filipino Deep-Fried Milkfish ()

Sizzled to a golden crisp in hot oil and with strong hints of garlic, the fatty filipino milkfish is a favourite for its umami aromas and strong vinegar infusion that soaks through the deep-fried fish.

10. Steamed Cod with Soy Sauce

Healthy, hassle-free and tasty, the Steamed Cod with Soy Sauce is one of the most well-loved dishes in China and Southeast Asia. It is the perfect balance of sweetness from the cod, saltiness from the sauce and fragrance from the fried garlic bits (the more the better), ginger, scallions and soy sauce. It is best eaten immediately and enjoyed while hot with a bowl of piping hot bowl of steamed rice.

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