10 Gravy-Heavy Recipes Guaranteed to Fill You Up

10 Gravy-Heavy Recipes Guaranteed to Fill You Up

Every scoop of these lusciously rich dishes is brimming with heavenly smells, complex flavors and vibrant colors

From decadent curries to earthy stews, there’s nothing like a generous scoop of piping hot gravy ladled over steaming white rice or paired with a freshly toasted garlic baguette to satiate even the hungriest family member. These sumptuous dishes are timeless family favorites that you can make again and again. The best part? If you’ve made too much, they always taste more amazing the next day (as grandma always says) because the reheated portions only get more concentrated in flavors.

1. Lobster Tails in Coconut Gravy with Young Jackfruit

As its name suggests, Lobster Tails in Coconut Gravy with Young Jackfruit feature juicy chunks of crimson lobster tails in a slightly sweetened and tangy creamy coconut gravy that would definitely whet your appetite on sight. Don’t worry if you don’t want to splurge on a lobster – prawns and crayfish work as well! Remember to save those crustacean shells when you are done to brew an awesome homemade seafood broth for your next meal.

2. Thai Beef Green Curry

Thai Beef Green Curry gets its beautiful lime green color from none other than a mix of kefir lime leaves and lemongrass. You can imagine the distinct aromas from these two ingredients alone as you blend and cook up the classic spices that go into this famous green curry. Thai eggplants used in these recipes are like round little cousins of the purple eggplant or brinjal we are used to seeing, and add a soft texture and slightly bitter taste to this dish.

3. Indian Chicken Masala

A hearty Indian Chicken Masala never fails to delight families around the world, and its preparation is relatively straightforward once you’ve got all the spices on hand! The word “masala” itself refers to a blend of ground and sometimes even roasted spices, which is really unique to every stall you buy it from, as the proportions of individual ingredients are always different. This rich, creamy dish pairs so well with the succulent chicken flesh that has soaked up all that savory marinade the night before. Tuck into this yummy gravy with a bowl of steamed basmati rice or garlic naan and you are all set for a feast.

4. Mala Lamb Stew

Asians absolutely adore their chili and in this version of Lamb Stew, numbing peppercorns and aromatic mala paste bring fire to one’s taste buds. There’s a reason why Xinjiang cuisine features lamb and chili so often – the spice of the chili heats up the earthy flavors of lamb, providing a fiery kick to an otherwise heavy meat. While this dish may have a Sichuan and not Xinjiang twist, the taste of lamb is enhanced in the same spicy way. Throw in some slightly sweet carrots into this Mala Lamb Stew to balance out some of the heat, adding bright splash of color and nutrients at the same time.

5. One-Pan Red Curry Shakshuka

Shakshuka or Shakshouka is an tomato-based Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean specialty, where eggs are poached in a bed of tomatoes and herbs that’s often simmered till they are wilted and soft. It’s easy to obtain the required ingredients, and combined with the ease of making this dish, no wonder it’s a go-to one-pan meal for home cooks! This particular One-Pan Red Curry Shakshuka brings in some heat with the addition of Thai red curry paste, which is offset by a dash of creamy coconut milk.

6. Javanese Sayur Lodeh

It may look complex, but Javanese Sayur Lodeh combines smoked fish and an array of typical Asian vegetables in an aromatic creamy broth that actually has no coconut milk! Creamer powder is a slightly healthier alternative to the rich coconut milk, and is used to thicken this colorful, filling dish. 

7. Mushroom and Tempeh Rendang

In this vegan take on a traditionally meat-heavy dish, firm and chewy vegetarian substitutes such as oyster mushrooms and tempeh (fermented soy-based product) replace lamb and beef in a silky coconut gravy. Mushroom and Tempeh Rendang is an equally flavorful alternative to its meat-based cousins, and can be easily whipped up as part of a dinner treat!

8. Roti Jala and Chicken Curry

Roti Jala or Lace Pancake is an incredible net-like bread that’s often served during Ramadan or Iftar as pretty way to pick up your yummy curries. In this gluten-free Roti Jala and Chicken Curry recipe, chicken, potatoes and carrots are cooked till tender in a fragrant broth of coconut milk. Create those intricate patterns on your pan with a roti jala cup (or make your own with a plastic cup) and get ready to impress your loved ones with this aesthetically pleasing treat!

9. Ayam Balado

Chicken is deep-fried in Ayam Balado not just because of taste (who can resist golden crispy fried chicken?) but because of texture. Deep-frying coats the normally smooth exterior of these chicken thighs with an uneven surface that picks up sauce way better. While it’s bright-red color serves as a warning to those who can’t take spice, it’s just a matter of deseeding your chilies before using them to enjoy a less intense version of this delicious snack.

10. Bulcachong (Filipino Beef Stew)

Hearty beef stock makes for such a warming sauce in this Bulcachong (Filipino Beef Stew). Though it is traditionally prepared with carabao meat (water buffalo), the rump section of ordinary beef works equally well. Only a handful of other spices are needed to create this well-loved dish that’s a huge hit with Davaeños (locals of Davao city)

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