10 Gloriously Good Fried Chicken Recipes

10 Gloriously Good Fried Chicken Recipes

From sticky spicy to creamy zesty, enjoy one of the world’s best loved dishes in so many creative ways

The smell of fried chicken always attracts a crowd of hungry patrons without fail. While fried chicken may have been popularized by the southern states of America, fried chicken has literally winged its way around the world, winning over the young and young-at-heart alike with its irresistibly crunchy exterior and juicy contents. As we celebrate National Fried Chicken Day, drool over these Fried Chicken delights with an Asian twist.  

1. Korean-Style Fried Chicken

Walk down the food streets near the universities of Seoul or any big Korean city and you will undoubtedly find rows and rows of brightly lit Korean fried chicken restaurants. This fast food is well loved by its country youth and packs an addictive punch to every bite. No wonder it’s often the ideal casual dinner hangout spot for friends and a classic supper choice after a long night out! There are two main types of fried chicken – the huraideu-chikin (western fried chicken) and yangnyeom-chikin (seasoned fried chicken). This Korean-Style Fried Chicken recipe lets you recreate the seasoned version, with a sticky sweet and spicy coat. We suggest making more at one go, because one bucket of these drumlets and wings won’t last the whole Saturday night!  

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sit down for a family meal at the local cze char stall and Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork will always make it onto the table. This traditional non-spicy Cantonese dish is suitable for both the young and old, and its crunchy texture coated with an umami sweet sauce with a hint of sourness goes so well with the tender chicken. Golden caramelized pineapples and colorful peppers add vibrancy to this sharing dish, and give you a nice bite in between crispy chunks of chicken.

3. Chicken Katsudon

Think of Japanese fried chicken and Chicken Katsudon is probably the first thing that comes to mind! Hard-working Japanese students actually have this meal before their exams, as Katsu in Japanese signifies winning or emerging in victory. As if fried chicken isn’t already amazing enough on its on, it being the secret to success would be a double win for many of us fried chicken lovers. This popular dish is often paired with scrambled eggs and fried onions on a bed of Japanese rice, which add silky textures and a touch of sweetness to this delightful meal.

4. Ayam Taliwang

A red-hot fried chicken specialty from Lombok, Indonesia, Ayam Taliwang is incredibly hard to put down despite setting your tongue on fire. This famous dish got its name from the village of Karang Taliwang in the region of Mataram. The rempah (spice paste) is the crucial component of this noble-favored dish, which is often made with free-range chicken that no kampong (village) lacks.  Succulent chicken drumlets are marinated before being grilled, baked or fried, giving a lovely charred look that begs to be crunched on.  

5. Salted Egg Chicken

Salted egg works magic on so many different dishes, and Salted Egg Chicken is no different. This easy-to-make dish will definitely be hot favorite on your dinner table, as the buttery salted egg sauce is a heavenly accompaniment to the quintessential fried chicken. Got some leftover sauce? No problem – it makes an amazing dip for chips and fries

6. Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet could be one of the most prolific Indonesian fare around the world. What could go wrong with an aromatic fried chicken that’s been simmering in half dozen different spices before being deep fried, and then smashed to reveal the sumptuous white chicken flesh underneath? Combined with a spicy belacan (shrimp) paste, this hearty fried chicken dish is good enough on its own or paired with freshly steamed white rice and a serving of Sayur Lodeh

7. Crispy Fried Chicken with Sambal

Speaking of shrimp paste, another treat we can’t get enough of is Crispy Fried Chicken with Sambal. This version of fried chicken has a refreshing zing to it, both from the lime, as well as the tamarind. The marinade itself has a fragrant blend of lemongrass, ginger, cumin and fennel, which seeps into the chicken over several hours – we love the taste best when it’s marinated overnight. This makes for a fantastic party platter, as everyone can appreciate an easy-to-reach handful of fried chicken very now and then! Beyond the sambal dip, you can also offer non-spicy variations like tartar sauce and tomato-based salsa for the kids to enjoy.

8. Buttermilk Chicken 

Buttermilk Chicken is one of our top recipes, and for good reason – lightly spiced creamy buttermilk just over beautiful golden-brown chicken is a match made in food heaven. If you want more crunch, simply cube the chicken into smaller bite-size pieces – that means more surface area for coating and frying! Pair this with some refreshing Keto Stir-Fried Dragon Chives & Beansprouts to offset the possible creaminess overload.

9. Stir Fried Black Pepper Chicken

Want some spice, but can’t bear to cry over the intense heat of chilies? This Stir Fried Black Pepper Chicken is a perfect alternative to its fiery hot sambal cousins, as it offers a milder heat option without sacrificing on taste. Red capsicums and green chilies add a pretty dose of color to this wallet-friendly family dish. Whip it up on those busy weeknights and your family will thank you for yet another yummy dinner!

10. Ayam Balado

For a chili-loving nation, it should come as no surprise that Balado or Sambal Lado is a spicy sambal sauce from Padang, Sumatera. The bright red Baludo sauce is made from stir-frying shallots, garlic, red chilies and lime leaves. Shallots can be easily substituted with onions and lime leaves with lime zest – so don’t fret if you can’t find them in your home! While the look of Ayam Balado might make you break out into a sweat, you can actually achieve the same lava red by scooping out the chili seeds from your chilies before adding them to the blender. One thing‘s for sure – it’s hard to overlook this dish at dinner!

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