10 Fried Chicken Recipes With A Satisfying Crunch

10 Fried Chicken Recipes With A Satisfying Crunch

Who doesn't love a good old fried chicken? Coated with lemon sauce, or served with waffles or pancakes for brunch, you can't really go wrong with this crispy delight!

You've seen our 10 Gloriously Good Fried Chicken Recipes, and now we're back with even more tasty recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy your fried chicken cravings. After all, who can resist tender juicy chicken covered in crispy golden brown skin?

1. Easy Lemon Chicken

Malaysian chef Ili Sulaiman shows you how to make some Easy Lemon Chicken. You probably already have all that’s needed, from the marinade of soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and eggs to bind, to a pan of hot oil. It’s mostly mixing, dipping and deep-frying to get crisp and juicy chicken chunks. And the tangy lemon sauce to end - a drizzle of sharp, citrusy lemon juice that’s first warmed and sweetened with honey.

2. Airfryer Chicken with Kerupuk Crust

Cooking chicken (or anything for that matter) in an air fryer might be easy, but it’s just as easy to end up with overcooked meat and a soggy crust. Don’t worry, we've got you covered with a simple recipe that will guarantee a moist and juicy chicken with a satisfying crunch! The trick is to fry the chicken twice - once after it has been fully marinated, and another time after it has been coated with buttermilk. For that extra crunch and some Indonesian flavor, there's an extra tasty coating of crushed kerupuk. A unique take on a popular finger food, this Airfryer Chicken with Kerupuk Crust is sure to be a hit at any dinner party.

3. Ayam Geprek (Smashed Fried Chicken with Sambal)

Crispy fried chicken with a generous dose of sambal never, ever gets boring in Asia. This famous Ayam Geprek from Yogyakarta will make even the most seasoned veterans of spice break into a sweat over the red-hot levels of heat. Tone it down if needed so that you can still feel your tongue and lips afterwards. After all, there are still plenty of crunchy golden bits to enjoy in between bites of juicy smashed chicken. An optional cheesy topping balances out the heat with its creaminess while adding an addictive sticky, oozy layer that’s a treat for both the eyes and taste buds.

4. Olive Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken has taken the world by storm, but this golden Olive Fried Chicken is another level of finger lickin. Deep fried in aromatic olive oil for a satisfyingly crisp chicken skin, this juicy chicken has a cleaner taste as compared to other variations of fried chicken. The unique flavor not only comes from the olive oil but also in the perfectly seasoned marinade, flour coating and batter. If blowing a candle won’t summon your long lost 939 year-old goblin husband, then perhaps cooking up a batch of this delicious fried chicken will.

5. Mala Pancakes with Crispy Fried Chicken

Give your brunch a spicy punch with our twist on the classic chicken and waffles dish - Mala Pancakes with Crispy Fried Chicken! Pancakes, fluffy with a touch of heat, paired with the crispiest and crunchiest of chicken pieces and drizzled in sweet maple syrup. For those who can take the spice, feel free to douse it with mala powder!

6. Jollibee Inspired Crispy Fried Chicken with Gravy

Move over KFC, in the Philippines, it’s all about Jollibee. Every Filipino is bound to have celebrated their birthdays and milestones at this well-loved fast food chain at least once - a party is not a party without it! With this recipe, you can re-create Jollibee’s famous Chicken Joy with its iconic brown gravy to feed your addiction at home.

7. Taiwanese Fried Chicken Steak

Commonly found at the night markets in Taiwan, this Fried Chicken Steak is well-loved by locals and tourists alike, and can now be found across Asia. Cut up into smaller bite-sized pieces after being deep-fried in crispy golden batter, the tender juicy chicken is usually seasoned with a savory chili powder for a spicier kick. Try your hand at making this yummy street snack in the comfort of your own home!

8. Ayam Goreng Kunyit (Turmeric Chicken)

There are so many ways to cook fried chicken! This Ayam Goreng Kunyit (Turmeric Fried Chicken) is brilliantly yellow and deeply aromatic –both signatures of turmeric, the common Southeast Asian spice. Chunks of tender chicken are fried and tossed in the thick creamy spice paste of garlic, turmeric, sugar, salt and soy sauce (or liquid aminos if you’re gluten and diary-free) for a satisfyingly crunchy dish that's full of flavor!

9. Inche Kabin Wings

Crunchy fried chicken gets a level up with an absolutely delightful marinade of various Asian spices, from shallots, cloves, cinnamon, cumin to coconut cream. Deep frying the wings twice ensure that they are cooked thoroughly, and you can also choose to marinade them overnight for better flavors. Nik Imran’s version of this Nyonya snack is so good, it might just be the tastiest and juiciest chicken wings you’re about to have!

10. Ayam Rica Rica

Ayam Rica Rica is the iconic chicken dish of Manado. Aptly named, the dish literally means chili chicken in the native language of North Sulawesi and it is known for its fiery red hues. Its bold, intense flavors are perfect for those unafraid to take on the spice. When preparing this dish, remember to adjust your spice level accordingly - so add chilis at your own risk and have a cool drink on standby just in case.

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