10 Eateries in Jakarta that Deliver to You

10 Eateries in Jakarta that Deliver to You

Indulge in a good meal to cure pandemic blues by letting the dining experience come, delivered and delicious, to your home instead.

Well, all of us are staying home more to ride out the coronavirus pandemic, and we know how hard you’ve been working in the kitchen. It’s time to give yourself a break and let the feast come to you for a change. Here are 10 eateries around Jakarta you can count on to bring an elevated, or just plain healthy dining experience to your home. 

1. Greenery

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet during times like these and If you’re looking for a wholesome, feel-good food, let Greenery be your one-stop solution. The healthy salad and grain bowl joint lives up to its name with its range of delicious signature bowls, wraps and salads, along with creamy smoothies.

With Greenery, you can either order their bowls ala carte or join their catering plan to keep up your healthy diet. They offer 4 dietary programs which cater to the habitually healthy, the meatless, the ketos, and the lean meat eaters. Featuring best sellers like the hearty Madu Mustard, the low-carb Cauliflower Fried Rice and the homemade Baba Falafel, you can count on Greenery to deliver goodness right to your doorstep for lunch and dinner.

Check out their catering service on Instagram.

2. Loka Padang

The comfort that Nasi Padang brings is unlike any other. The simple combo of a rich creamy curry dish and a warm plate of rice is the perfect pick-me-up for any homebody seeking for a kick of flavor in their tastebuds. And Loka Padang does that and more with their vegan-style dishes.

If you’re a nonbeliever in plant-based foods, Loka Padang can defy that. Their rendang is a famed champ, made from either potato or mushroom (you choose), and their crispy mushroom balado makes you forget all about its dried meat counterpart. Their menu is no less than your typical Minang restaurant and all of them delivery-friendly.

Check out their delivery menu on Instagram.

3. Mood

Mood believes in refueling with care and their menu curation proves just that. The cafe doubles down as a wellness studio with dishes fit to eat after endorphin-filled activities. Their kitchen work is more wholesome than healthy, with their own modern twist to traditional herbal jamu tonics and freshly made cold-pressed juices.

To ease your mind and body during this pandemic, Mood is offering a food and drink combo fit for home deliveries. Vegan options are available for all their meals except for the scrumptious Big Chicken Meal. As for drinks, pick between a refreshing jamu or a superfood vegan latte.

Check out their delivery offer on Instagram.

4. Oma Elly

Treat yourself to an amazing spread of Italian without leaving your home with Oma Elly. With authentic homemade recipes handed down from the chef’s grandmother herself, the rich flavors of every dish is made to be savored every moment.

Oma Elly’s lasagna is the dish that brought the crowd and since then grew a large fan base online. They specialize in home-deliveries of gourmet meats, pizza and pasta dishes, and even gelato. Oma Elly also has an exclusive pasta club that you definitely want to be a part of. A small tip: check their plating tutorials before setting your meals for a well-deserved dining experience.

Check out their delivery menu on Instagram.

5. Lawless Burgerbar

Famed for being one of the best burgers in town, Lawless Burgerbar is guilty pleasure served on a plate. The rock-and-roll themed burger joint is no healthy option, but they sure do a fantastic job in making greasy, meaty and flavorful burgers.

All menu items are delivery-friendly, but if you’re confused by the menu’s heavy rock references, try The Lemmy. It’s for those looking for a bold, double patty goodness. But if you like it single, and just as good, the Sabbath Burger does justice with its classic taste. Don’t skip the side dishes because the cheesy Judas Fries is sinfully comforting.

Check out their delivery menu on Instagram.

6. Yum Cha Hauz

There’s nothing like family Sundays over warm towers of dim sum. With Yum Cha Hauz, bringing that experience home is no hassle. Whether you’re team steamed or team fried, there’s a dish for everyone at the table.

Classic dim sum dishes like Hakau, Xiao Long Bao and Fried Taro are the best-sellers, but the steamed Salted Egg Bao is a crowd favorite. Yum Cha Hauz also offers delightful mains like the Crispy Cheong Fun, Hainan Chicken Rice and Crispy Pork Belly with Sambal Matah are also not to miss. The better part is that they deliver up to 2 AM daily.

Check out their delivery offer on Instagram.

7. Kilo Kitchen

Hailing from Singapore, Kilo Kitchen is known for their delectable, comforting dishes in generous portions that’s meant to be shared. It’s the perfect companion for a family brunch or an intimate dinner at home with loved ones.

Kilo Kitchen’s delivery menu is extensive, including family-style combos like Netflix and Chill, Squad Goals, and First We Feast. The Chicken Korean Bulgogi is a popular protein of choice and their Truffle Yuzu Dressing is the ultimate must-try sauce. If you’re feeling extra fancy, Kilo Kitchen also does wine and cocktail deliveries to top off your in-home dining experience.

Check out their delivery offer on Instagram.

8. BEAU Bakery 

The exquisite BEAU Bakery comes to the rescue for all pastry and bread lovers in the time of physical distancing. The artisanal bakery is offering a subscription deal of your favorite loaves and French baked goods. These include the crowd favorites, like the rustic sourdough and butter croissants, that can be delivered straight to your doorsteps.

Although the bread and butter for BEAU is their, well, bread and butter, they also cook up a great selection of lunch orders available for weekly catering. Their delivery service is good for a la carte too, so don’t shy away if you just want to order the one cheese bagel for breakfast.

Check out their subscription offer on Instagram.

9. Bandar Djakarta

If anyone is craving for a scrumptious seafood delight, you’d know to look nowhere further than Bandar Djakarta. With its wide ranging menu of live seafood and so much more, it’s a Jakarta-must for an exciting dining experience, even if you have them at home.

The establishment offers a plethora of seafood varieties for at-home dining, but we highly suggest you go for their seafood mix. Options include Singaporean-style chilli sauce and butter garlic sauce which are just too good to resist. Eating solo? Bandar Djakarta’s rice boxes do perfect justice too, with a yummy mix of your seafood of choice, chicken and veggies.

Check out their delivery offer on Instagram.

10. Sushi Hiro

The casual, fusion Japanese cuisine establishment is home to the iconic sushi stairway of happiness. Their at-home menu spread ranges from sushi, sashimi, rice bowl, agemono, and ramen – which means there’s something for everybody for any time of day.

Sushi Hiro appeals to many because of its daring sushi dishes, like the Aburi Salmon Belly Foie Gras and Inari Matcha. Their Volcano sushi series also lives up to its name, as they create an explosive sensation in your tastebuds. Although their mini wooden stairway display is not available for delivery, take this opportunity to plate it your way as a fun family activity at home.

Check out their delivery menu on Instagram.

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