10 Easy Vietnamese Rolls, Salads, And Sides For Feel Good Days

10 Easy Vietnamese Rolls, Salads, And Sides For Feel Good Days

Feel good all day with easy, healthy Vietnamese style rolls, fresh herby salads and perfect appetite-openers for any dull day

1. Vietnamese Rainbow Salad Rolls

In hot summer days, bite on a gorgeously healthy salad roll. Tucked with flavourful fresh veggies like carrot, beetroot and purple cabbage, these Vietnamese inspired rice rolls are simple to make, clean to eat and neat to pack. In between the crunch of veggies, fruity mango, creamy avocado and a blister of cherry tomatoes gives volume of flavour to this light finger-fare made with big visual appeal by bento artist Michelle Lim.

2. Gok Wan's Vietnamese Shrimp Basil Summer Rolls 

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing minty Vietnamese Summer Roll when it’s baking hot outside and you want a cooling, rehydrating lunch. Chef Gok Wan recreates “one of the best express lunches out there” layer by layer, while explaining why you should stack your ingredients in the way shown. Sink your teeth into this spring roll and slurp up that spicy zesty and minty marinade over those succulent prawns, spring vermicelli and fresh vegetables.

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3. Clear Shrimp Rolls with Banana Leaves: Banh Bot Loc Goi La Chuoi 

Soft, a bit chewy, with savory shrimp and meat filling, the taste of Vietnamese clear shrimp rice rolls is a melt-in-your-mouth winner. This special Vietnamese dumpling has long been a delicious dish that many people love, and also considered a symbol of Hue folk cuisine.

4. Fresh Spring Rolls : Gỏi Cuốn

These paper-thin rice rolls are one of Vietnam's world-famous dishes. It's light and fresh, with crinkly greens like lettuce, fresh mint, cilantro and bitter-minty perila. And savory too, with a little salt, pork belly, chicken and fleshy shrimp. But it really transforms when you dip the whole roll into a thick garlic-chili and peanut butter sauce. The tantalising red brown dip gives a lick of sweet heat, and that makes all the difference. 

5. Deep-Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Versatile as party food or an appetizer, this crispy and savory Vietnamese-inspired snack is perfect for both adults and kids. If you want more veggies, simply add on or make this roll pure vegetarian. What's most important is the dipping sauce, which can range from fish sauce with green and red chilies, to a thick hoisin-type sauce with a bit of sweetness.

6. Beef Fondue Rice Paper Rolls

Luke Nguyen shows you how to make a Vietnamese favourite - Beef Fondue Rice Paper Rolls.

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7. Vietnamese Shrimps and Glass Noodles

Fresh and fabulous, the Vietnamese Shrimps and Glass Noodles Salad is a dish that will add some flair into your regular food roster. Quintessentially Vietnamese, this recipe is wonderfully textured and has layers of flavors, thanks to the use of fresh herbs and vegetables, with sprinkles of calamansi juice and fish sauce. One of the best things about this dish? You can make it in advance and refrigerate for later. 

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8. Pickled Sweet and Sour Eggplant: Ca Muoi Xoi 

Did you know this tiny, round eggplant and morning glory delight is sooo popular that they're even in Vietnamese folklore? “Anh đi anh nhớ quê nhà, nhớ canh rau muống nhớ cà dầm tương”, which means “wherever you go, the eggplant and morning glory dishes remind you of your beloved hometown”. The sweet and sour, salty and spicy pickled flavors go perfectly well with the crunchy textures, a good appetite-opener. 

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9. Tofu Bun Cha

For a big but light meal, dig into a crumbly, crisp litter of coconut flakes patted into fried tofu steaks. Its equally flavourful sidekicks are crunchy, juicy veggies of cucumber, carrot, radish and colourful cabbage. To sweeten the whole mix up, drizzle a sweet mild spicy blend of sambal oelek, a type of Indonesia chili-shrimp paste, along with the heat of cayenne pepper and zesty jalapeno in this punchy vegetarian Vietnamese-Indonesian Tofu Bun Cha.

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10. Beef Pho-Inspired Carpaccio

This starter course takes inspiration from Beef Pho, made with Anna Olson's elevated style of refined ingredients. To capture the spices in the broth, an easy homemade hoisin sauce includes these signature aromatic brothy flavors. For some tartness, squeeze on a wedge of lime. 

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