10 Drool-Worthy Gula Melaka Recipes

10 Drool-Worthy Gula Melaka Recipes

Gula Melaka is the perfect thing for the sweet-tooth in you. Here're 10 drool-worthy ways to use it.

The Gula Melaka is a sweet-tooth’s dream come true. Made from coconut palm, it comes in an unattractive block of brown that when treated right, melts into a deliciously golden sticky goo with butterscotch and caramel undertones. The best part of Gula Melaka? It is a wholesome sugar, sans bleaching and rich in vitamins and minerals. Here we have 10 of the most drool-worthy ways to use Gula Melaka. You can thank us later!

1. Steamed Brown Cake 

Creamy coconut milk and soft rich gula melaka makes this fluffy cake a loved Chinese dessert in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s thoroughly mixed into rice flour(a great gluten-free alternative), and steamed until you get a soothing sweet aroma. Put the entire thing in your mouth or nibble on it. Eat warm. 

2. Sago Pudding with Gula Melaka

Here’s a dessert that is not only interesting in taste and texture, but so easy to make that you can make it your go-to dessert every week. 4 ingredients is all you need (and that includes water!) and most of the work is delegated to the stove and refrigerator. The key ingredient is the gula melaka - cubes of palm sugar melted into a sticky dark brown sauce.

3. Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka

Avocado is the fruit of the health-conscious millennials and it’s easy to see why - ounce for ounce, it is the richest in fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium among all fruits. Not to mention the subtle flavours - soft and creamy, with a pleasant aftertaste - that goes quite perfectly on its own with some salt, smashed on toast or as part of a salad. Here we have an option with an Avocado Shake with an Asian twist, perfect for a warm sunny day. We do warn you - this is highly addictive so you might find yourself slurping your first glass fast and asking for seconds. 

4. Pandan Gula Melaka Jelly

This enticing jelly, with beautiful layers of coconut milk, gula melaka and pandan, is the perfect delight for sharing.

5. Pineapple Gula Melaka Upside Down Cake

A classic favourite, it requires skill and technique to flip to make this Gula Melaka Pineapple Upside Down Cake. A generous sprinkling of Gula Melaka ups this dish from its plain ol' usual taste.

6. One-Dish Gula Melaka Banana Pudding

Glowing golden brown with spiced nutmeg powder and bananas, this wonderous one-dish should really be eaten alone. The buttery delight is infused with coconut milk and a gorgerous swirl of dark gula melaka, then baked to a fluffy warm pudding that you'll finish up in no time. 

7. Tauhu Goreng

“Don’t judge a dish by its cover” is an idiom that describes the Tauhu Goreng. A beautiful brown mess of deep fried tofu slathered in roasted ground peanuts, and caramelized sweet and spicy sauce made from Gula Melaka, tamarind, dark soy sauce, chillies and garlic. For a splash of colour and crunch, serve over a bed of cucumber and beansprouts!

8. Onde Onde

In what can only be described as a party in your mouth, the Onde-Onde is a cute, little ball that quite literally bursts when you take a bite. Imagine a jelly-filled donut but soft- the dough is made of glutinous rice flour infused with pandan, or screwpine leaf, juice, then filled with palm sugar and rolled in with grated coconut. A traditional pastry that is popular in Malaysia and Singapore, ieaten as a snack or a dessert.

9. One-Dish Gula Melaka Bread Butter Pudding

A wonder recipe by Sarah Huang Benjamin, Bread and Butter Pudding is a classic British dessert that’s perfect for a Christmas gathering, and way more. And here, she's given it an indulgent and familiar Asian twist with tropical flavours of pandan kaya and gula melaka palm sugar.

  • Get the recipe here 
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10. Coconut Pancakes with Gula Melaka Drizzle

Who doesn't love a good fluffy pancake! Pancake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, there's always space for pancakes. Adding a local twist to old fashion buttermilk pancakes, we have a Coconut Pancakes with Gula Melaka Drizzle recipe for you! The addition of coconut oil, coconut milk, and palm sugar ensures that there's a hint of coconut flavor in every bite. Drizzle Gula Melaka syrup at the end and sprinkle some sea salt if you like! Remember to serve the Coconut Pancakes hot too!

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