10 Colourfully Fresh Recipes For An Instant Health Halo

10 Colourfully Fresh Recipes For An Instant Health Halo

Get a glowing health halo with anyone of these satisfying and snappy healthier recipes

1. Tempeh Quinoa Gado Gado Salad

Labelled one of the top five national dishes of Indonesia, the Gado Gado brims with tasty treasures. A salad of lightly blanched vegetables tossed with fried bean curd and tempeh, topped off with savoury creamy peanut sauce. Instead of boiled potatoes, we use quinoa for a nutritional kick! Enjoy this dish fresh, or chilled from the refrigerator.

2. Light and Lifting Barley Water

Probably one of the most inexpensive thirst-quenchers around. Chewy white Barley pearls simmered in water is a simple and effective all-day drink. Gently boil for under 20 mins to let the nutty grains infuse the boiling water with a classic clean sweetness that’s easy to drink. Still too plain? Drop in naturally sweet rock sugar and candied winter melon, the choice sugar for a cool jug of barley water. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners warn against over boiling though, or letting the barley spilt. They say if that happens, the Barley Water loses its “cooling” properties. So keep your eye on the pot!

3. Zesty Thai Mango Salad

A quick and easy salad also known as Som Tum Mamuang, this has just the right balance of sweet and spicy. 

4. Deliciously Creamy Matcha Blueberry Smoothie

This might be just the drink that every champion needs. All you need is a quick 10 mins to blend up a beautiful rainbow spread of blueberries, banana, and chia in a creamy blend of Greek yoghurt and milk. And all that sweetness is balanced with zesty ginger, chillingly cool mint leaves and bitter matcha powder for all-round goodness. A completely satisfying super tonic for a mid-week booster.

5. Fresh Thai Style Rainbow Quinoa Salad

What happens when you combine the superfood of the West with the fresh flavours of the East? The answer is this Thai Style Tri-Coloured Quinoa Salad, a dish that is not just healthy but satisfies your taste buds and fills your belly. If you need further convincing, this salad is really easy to put together, making it perfect for a snack or even a workday meal.

6. Avocado Gula Melaka Smoothie

Avocado is the fruit of the millennials and we often see it on toast or in a hearty salad. Well, it is time for an upgrade, here is a tasty smoothie version that is buttery and sweet with a deep caramel flavour coming from the gula melaka. Let's also not forget that this delicious smoothie is packed with vitamins and antioxidant. We do warn you, this is highly addictive, you might find yourself slurping your first glass of this fast and asking for seconds.

7. Coconut Noodle Salad

Add a splash of colour and wonder onto your dining table with a Filipino favorite -the Pancit Buko Guisado! While the name directly translates to “sautéed coconut noodles”, this dish does not contain any noodles but rather thin strips of coconut flesh, which well, looks like noodles! Prepare your taste buds for a big bang because this dish is a delicious hodge-podge of meat, prawns, and vegetables!

8. Fresh Green Capsicum and Apple Juice Booster

The smell of fresh green apples in a garden. That’s quite the taste of this super quick capsicum and apple juice- that really is all you need for a wake-me-up in the morning. Add a dash of sharp ginger slices and a dusting of super-potent anti-bacterial oregano and you’re all set for the challenges of today.

9.  Dark Chocolate Caramelised Banana Oatmeal

Are you someone who absolutely loves to start your mornings on the sweeter side of things? If so, the Dark Chocolate Caramelized Banana Oatmeal is just the thing for you. Easy, quick and nutritious, this breakfast staple has all the things you need to jumpstart your day. Oats, a slow-release carb will give you long-lasting energy. Crisp dark chocolate chips lend a big awesome crunch, and sweet caramelised banana because they all go so well together.   

10. Golden Milk with Ginger and Almond

Wonderfully golden to stare into and a hypnotic brew of brilliant yellow turmeric, invigorating ginger and intensely spiced cinnamon makes this warm drink one you must reach for any morning. But at night too, make some in just 10 mins for a comforting bedtime brew. Simply swirl in grated ginger, turmeric, ground cinnamon and sharp black pepper in a river of smooth almond milk and a goop of honey. Sip when warm and bubbly.

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