10 Chinese New Year Snacks to Make at Home
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10 Chinese New Year Snacks to Make at Home

Crispy, crunchy, sticky, spicy, savory and sweet – relish the full spectrum of tastes and textures with these Lunar New Year snacks! Get all your ingredients with foodpanda now.

Lunar New Year snacks are such an integral part of the culture and bonding of this festive season that it’s hard to imagine a world without them. From that auntie’s melt-in-your-mouth pineapple tarts to your cousin’s new amazing cookie recipe, homemade Chinese New Year snacks feel extra special for yourself and your guests, and baking them is a fun activity for the days leading up to the celebrations. Find inspiration among our fabulous recipes, grab your ingredients from foodpanda and let the non-stop snacking begin!   

1. Chinese Peanut Cookies

Fans of peanut butter will absolutely love the nutty flavors of these Chinese Peanut Cookies. The rice flour in the cookie batter gives these sweets the coveted crumbly texture – similar to what cornstarch does, so you could also substitute rice flour for cornstarch by halving the amount. Roll that nutty mix and divide them before pressing a half peanut on the top for decoration. Don’t forget the egg wash – that’s what gives these cookies a golden crust when baked!

2. Salted Egg Almond Cups  

At first glance, it’s hard to guess what these are, but take a bite and let that savory sweet chewiness win you right over! Salted egg, almonds and a meringue base come together in this Salted Egg Almond Cups recipe to give you that sticky, aerated base that keeps the crunchy almonds and salted egg bits together. Let them bake in those little cups and serve it to your excited guests after they have cooled!

3. Sakura Mochi

Break out of the traditional Chinese mold and impress your loved ones with this delicate Sakura Mochi. The beautiful Sakura season often comes right after new year, and the gentle, graceful drifting of the falling flowers is infused in this Japanese snack through its soft, chewy texture and mildly sweet azuki bean filling. If you don’t have access to a Japanese grocer for shiratama powder, simply use glutinous rice flour in its place. When an unconventional snack looks so pretty, we bet all your mochi will be gone in no time. 

4. Lilian's Pineapple Tarts

You didn’t think we would forget the biggest classic of the Lunar New Year, would you? Flaunt that pretty floral pattern and make your guests’ mouth water at the sight of the golden, sweet filling sitting right in the open with Lilian's Pineapple Tarts. You definitely know what you are getting with open-faced pineapple tarts, and when you’ve put in the hard work with fresh, juicy sweet pineapples to make the jam, you deserve to show it off  to the world.

5. Nian Gao

Nian Gao symbolizes the growth of prosperity every year, and is had across different dialect and minority groups in Southeast Asia and China. This version of the glutinous rice cake is inspired by Northern cuisine, where red dates and brown sugar are used to create that delicious sticky sweet taste and texture. Chill it before serving to prevent the cake from sticking everywhere, and let everyone have a slice of prosperity!

6. Arrowhead Chips

Crunching on chips is a dangerously addictive habit, and these Arrowhead Chips make it even more so! The ingredients for this recipe is super simple, and their flavors and aroma enhanced with crispy curry leaves. Drying your sliced arrowheads are key to getting the crispiest chips that cook fast, so prep these in the morning or a day ahead of serving.

7. Cornflakes Cookies

Let the kids join in the fun of making these Cornflakes Cookies. They will surely dig crushing the cornflakes, rolling the dough and dipping that ball into their freshly crushed cornflakes. This failsafe recipe follows a classic butter cookie recipe, and if you want to whip up something quick, easy and fun, nothing quite beats Cornflake Cookies.

8. Keto Carrot Cake (Lo Bak Go)

To feed hungrier guests without having to toil in the kitchen to create a sit-down 7-course meal, this Keto Carrot Cake (Lo Bak Go) might just be what you’re after. Protein-packed and plenty filling almond flour replaces the carb-heavy rice flour in this recipe that is simply bursting with flavors from sausage, dried shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, scallops and the key ingredient of white radish. This low-carb snack would delight keto and non-keto eaters alike, and can be easily reheated on the pan or in the microwave before serving with soya and chili.

9. Hae Bee Hiam Oatmeal Cookies

For a spice kick that’s well balanced out with the sweetness, this Hae Bee Hiam Oatmeal Cookie is the snack you’ve been looking for. Rolled oats give this cookie a chewier texture and keeps you full longer throughout this festive day!   

10. Almond Cookies

Buttery and crumbly, these Almond Cookies are a crowd favorite when it comes to Lunar New Year snacks. For those who prefer a milder nutty taste, these cookies will be the preferred choice over the stronger tasting peanut ones. Use almond flour if you don’t have a grinder for almonds, and you can shape them with any cookie cutter you have on hand. Press a pre-sliced almond in the center and they are ready to go into the oven!

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