10 Challenging Recipes To Defeat Dull Days

10 Challenging Recipes To Defeat Dull Days

An accomplished day can start in the kitchen, from mastering a complexly layered Malaysian Assam Laksa, to a deeply comforting Indian Vegetable Tagine

1. Nasi Kerabu 


The Nasi Kerabu, a less popular (but no less delicious) cousin of the Nasi Lemak, is a dish where the superstar is... the rice! Dressed in a flamboyant blue by blue pea flower water, and drenched with flavor by Southeast Asian herbs, the rice is paired with torch ginger salad, salted egg, flaked fish and crackling shrimp crackers! Here’s a fun fact –did you know that Nasi Kerabu comes in a few colours? If blue is not your favorite colour, you could try yellow (from turmeric and cekur) or grey (from Mengkudu leaves).

2. Korean Fried Chicken

You can now recreate the juiciest sweet and spicy Korean Fried Chicken recipe that will make your friends and family ask for more. We can't emphasize that the sauce is so delicious, you can literally dip anything in it. The perfect side dish that you can serve with this amazing plate of Korean Fried Chicken recipe would be a bowl of Kimchi that will just make every bite a little more delicious. Here’s a secret that Korean grandmas would never share with you, the key to the crunch lies in adding a wee bit of baking powder in the corn starch.

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3. Vegetable Tagine 

We might have swept the vegetable section for this one. A super healthy, flavour-bursting list of vegetables ranging from explosive black and cayenne pepper, to invigorating turmeric and cinnamon powder. And don’t forget sharp garlic, all added to warm soupy vegetable broth that is made even better with bread.   

4. Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache

A bright, light and sweet citrus cake that infuses the air with the inviting scent of tangerines -the fruit that symbolises a new year. Spread smooth on top is a thick rich layer of melted vegan chocolate ganache for extra pleasure. For a gluten-free alternative, use almond or coconut flour instead for a still pleasurable Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache.

5. Assam Laksa

The perfect perk me up dish from Penang, Assam Laksa is a beautiful dish that is sour and spicy which makes it very appetizing. If you have been to Penang, you have know of the famous Ayer Itam assam laksa that is so delicious you would want to make it right in your very own kitchen. Knowing the right ingredients and techniques could transport you right to Penang and remind you of the taste of the famous Penang Assam Laksa.

6. Salted Baked Chicken

A signature Hakka dish, the Salt Baked Chicken is a salty, savoury, lightly spiced chicken that is tender, moist, and pairs addictively well with rice. After spending a night in the fridge to become firm, the chicken is wrapped in baking paper, encased in a thick shell of coarse salt, and left to soak in its juices. Perfect to have it with rice and soup at your Chinese New Year dinner.

7. Keto Sesame Roast Beef with Cauliflower Mash

With the creaminess and seeping sweetness of potato, you might be forgiven if you mistook the side of mashed cauliflower for the usual mash. But it’s not the only star in the plate of warm beef steak-that also happens to be keto diet. The soft sinking bed of vegetables too, wraps tender beef slices in tomato-sour and onion-aromatic juices in this unforgettable Keto Sesame Roast Beef and Cauliflower Mash

8. Bulcachong (Filipino Beef Stew)

Indulge in this rich and hearty Filipino beef stew, Bulcachong, that's traditionally made with buffalo meat. Here, we've used beef, but you can substitute with whatever meat you like, oxtail is great to soak in the heavy flavours, and fish works too. 

9. Singapore Hokkien Mee

If a dish can be a mood, then the Singapore Hokkien Mee can only be known as cheery. A plate of glossy yellow and white noodles, bright orange shrimp, white rings of squid and green strips of Chinese chives soaked in a gravy made with seafood broth and served with lime, it is a popular dish that can be found in any Hawker Centre in Singapore. Here’s a tip –the longer you are able to simmer the seafood broth, the tastier your dish would be!

10. Garang Asem Bumbung

Rich and spicy, the Garang Asem Bumbung is an Indonesian coconut chicken curry guaranteed to keep you coming back for more! A spoonful of this curry will expose your palette to many layers of amazing flavour, all of which comes from the combination of Southeast Asian spices, and the way it is cooked -fried, simmered then finished in a bamboo steamer. Enjoy it with steamed rice!

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