10 Bright Breakfast Ideas To Kickstart Your Mornings

10 Bright Breakfast Ideas To Kickstart Your Mornings

Load up the goodness of homemade meals with a dash of spice

From rich tomato-ey sardines, to a comforting bowl of porridge and a sweet savory date omelette, these recipes can either be made ahead of time or whipped up for a bright, energetic start to any day. 

1. Kangkung Telur Puyuh (Water Spinach with Quail Eggs)

Water spinach or kale (as a substitute) are both highly nutritious vegetables that helps to boost your immunity. This Chinese-inspired Kangkung Telur Puyuh or Water Spinach with Quail Eggs works well as a side dish to rice for sahur, and only takes 20 minutes to whip up! Corn starch helps thicken the umami-rich gravy and chopped chilies and fried shallots add both colors and textures to the final presentation.

2. Sambal Kornet (Corned Beef Sambal)

Add a quick, flavorful burst of spicy protein to your meal with this Sambal Kornet! This easy recipe makes use of common Asian condiments like bird’s eye chilies, shallots, garlic and spring onions to infuse the earthy corned beef with the right amount of spice and aroma. Adjust the chilies to your liking and serve with clear soup and rice to offset the heaviness of the corned beef.

3. Nasi Lemak Sambal Ikan Bilis

Make the morning meal with this classic Nasi Lemak Sambal Ikan Bilis. The aromatic spice paste can be pre-made a day or two head to save on time in the morning, and involves just a simple blending of key ingredients before adding the crunchy fried anchovies. The amount of coconut milk in your Nasi Lemak can also be substituted with coconut cream for a richer, creamier taste or you can go easier on the calories by swapping some of it out with water.

4. Sarden Tomat (Slow-Cooked Sardines in Tomato Sauce)

Prep-ahead dishes can be a lifesaver during the morning or after-work hours when you're simply too tired. This Sarden Tomat is just that, a simple one-pot meal that's slow-cooked sardines in tomato sauce, but without the preservatives or chemicals of the canned version. Toss all those yummy ingredients in your slow cooker and let it simmer over several hours on low heat for maximum flavor infusion!

5. Sayur Bening (Indonesian Clear Vegetable Soup)

Start the day right with this healthy vegetable soup, that brings together the mild sweetness of sweet corn and carrots with the gentle spice of ginger and ocean-brine taste of cockles. Sayur Bening is quick and easy to make, and is perfect for those mornings where you need to refresh your palate from the previous night’s heavy dinner. Pair it with steamed rice for a clean and fulfilling breakfast.

 6. Mixed Tofu In Soy Sauce

When it comes to side dish options, tofu is always a great choice as it offers a different texture and taste from heavier meats or leafy vegetables. This quick and easy Mixed Tofu In Soy Sauce can be made in 20 minutes, and is a great protein boost for the mornings.

7. Sweet and Savoury Date Omelette

Can’t make up your mind on whether you want a sweet or savory start to your day? How about both? The delightful sticky chewy textures of dates and the silky textures of eggs come together in this Sweet and Savoury Date Omelette for a yummy breakfast. Pair with buttered toast or salad (or both!) to keep your energy up all day. 

8. Mushroom and Tempeh Rendang

The beauty of Rendang is that it always tastes better the next day, so why not whip up this nutritious Mushroom and Tempeh Rendang for a fulfilling breakfast? Mushrooms lend this stew a rich umami taste without the need for red meats, while fried tempeh gives it a nice bite. Dip your fresh or toasted roti in it for a satisfying meal before you get going. 

9. Bubur Manado

Bubur Manado or Tinutuan is a hearty congee from the city of Manado, and is sweet, salty and spicy all at once. It’s traditionally made with sweet potato or cassava, sweet corn and leafy vegetables like kangkung added for taste, texture and nutrition. A variety of toppings can be paired with this popular dish, from classic salted fish, fried onions to sambal dabu dabu (raw chilli paste from Manado).

10. Aceh Fruit Salad (Rujak Aceh)

Sometimes you want something super refreshing on the taste buds when you wake up, and a juicy, sweet and savory fruit salad definitely fits the bill. This Aceh Fruit Salad (Rujak Aceh) has sticky sweet mangoes as its base, with light crunchy jambu or water apple, fibrous pineapples, and a variety of other fruits to brighten up your morning meals. Prepare it the night before to enjoy it chilled for a fuss-free breakfast. You’ll definitely get your daily vitamin fix with this healthy salad!

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