10 Best TV Recipes by Celebrity Chefs

10 Best TV Recipes by Celebrity Chefs

Love watching culinary videos instead of scrolling through recipes? We bring you the top 10 on-screen recipes that taste as good as they look. Among them, Vietnamese food expert Luke Nguyen, Adam Liaw with Japan's best dishes and Anna Olson with some Asian fusion.

Celebrity chefs and household names Andrew Zimmern, Luke Nguyen, Adam Liaw and Sarah Benjamin bring a wide variety of Asian delights to life with flair, even whipping up dishes in authentic local settings on occasion. Treat yourself to a mouthwatering visual experience as you follow them on their little cooking journeys that explore cooking techniques, locally-sourced ingredients, food history and culture.

1. Chicken Yakitori Rice Bowl

Time-strapped this week, but still want to prepare a tasty and nutritious meal for the family? Zimmerman comes to the rescue with his Chicken Yakitori Rice Bowl, that’s brimming with tender, juicy chunks of chicken and topped with finely sliced scallions. Pair it with instant miso soup or a small side of salad for a well-rounded meal and you’re all set for a quick dinner!

2. Chinese Wok-Tossed Mussels

Plump, succulent and savory mussels are the star of this classic Chinese Wok-Tossed Mussels dish. Wok-tossing these shells with black bean sauce brings out the taste of the sea from the mussels while introducing some coveted wok-hei flavors. Mussels are bountiful on the coasts of Asia, so grab a bag and recreate this super easy side dish for your next family dinner!

3. Crispy Noodle Pillows with Fried Beef

Golden, crispy fluffs of rice noodle are paired with an array of colorful, stir-fried vegetables like carrots, chilies and bok choy and topped with marinated fried beef slices in this crunchy lunch bowl. Luke just about manages to pull together this popular northern Vietnamese Crispy Noodle Pillows with Fried Beef (Phở Chiên Phồng) dish before the train passes through his cooking spot! It’s definitely a unique way to use rice noodles and no fear – if Luke can do it on the train tracks, you can certainly recreate this with a peace of mind at home.

4. Vietnamese Baguette with Pork Meatballs

It’s all about subtle sweet savory flavors for this Asian breakfast from Da Lat, Vietnam. Vietnamese Baguette with Pork Meatballs Vietnamese (Bánh Mì Xíu Mại) are a comforting, alternative way to start the mornings, and Luke shows you how to prepare the light, clean and crisp soup that’s best enjoyed with a freshly baked baguette.

5. Salmon Confit with Ginger Oyster Sauce

Confit is a French technique of cooking protein over low heat to preserve foods, and Luke uses it in this recipe to change up his usual salmon cooking method. In this Salmon Confit with Ginger Oyster Sauce, a luscious slab of omega-3 rich salmon is simmered in a spiced infused oil that’s made up of a variety of wild local peppers, black cardamom, garlic, ginger, lime peel and fresh chili. An aromatic, light ginger sauce is then drizzled over the sides, which goes so well with the subtle ocean brine flavors of salmon. With salmon being a popular choice of fish these days, we think this recipe is definitely a keeper for so many meals to come!

6. Cao Lao Noodles

Tender pork loins over a chewy, udon-like noodle makes for one of the famous street food found almost exclusively in Hoi An. Pork loin is marinated overnight for maximum flavor absorption before being stir fried till caramelized. Luke shows you how to whip Cao Lao Noodles up in no time (with some help from the neighboring stall), garnished with a fried version of the thick noodles. As the noodles may not be easily found outside Vietnam, udon makes or other thick chewy noodles make for a good substitute.

7. Chicken Paprikash

Wholesome, comforting and made for sharing, Chicken Paprikash is a straightforward stew that is suitable for adults and children alike due to it’s non-spicy nature. A touch of sour cream and fresh lemon juice is added in when the stew is off the stove to contrast the sweetness and add another dimension to this hearty dish. Pair it with potatoes, egg noodles or steamed rice – as chef Anna prefers.

8. Coffee Braised Beef Stew

If you’re a fan of the rich, dark Filipino Adobo, Anna’s version of the Coffee Braised Beef Stew will be right up your alley. Chunks of beef are coated in corn starch before being browned, which allows caramelizes the natural sugars in the meat, and retain its shape in the stew. Sweet potato and onions add a hint of sweetness and lets not forget that dark liquid coffee brew that brings this stew together for an earthy, nutty and aromatic dinner.

9. Japanese Smelts Nanbanzuke

Dashi stock made from sea kelp is one of the important base ingredients for Japanese Smelts Nanbanzuke, lending its rich, umami flavors to the deep fried little smelts. Adam takes you through the easy steps to recreating this quirky Japanese dish, that offers a bright tasty treat to the sense and ends off with a zing from the spiced rice vinegar sauce.

10. Mee Sua

Get our your deep fryers for you’ll need it for this Hokkien classic, Mee Sua. Sarah literally shows you why deep-frying is necessary for loose, golden strands by preparing deep fried noodles and non-fried noodles soaked in oil side by side. Toss on some colorful julienned vegetables and dive straight into this aromatic plate of wok-hei noodles.

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