10 Best Sides for All Kinds of Chicken Feasting

10 Best Sides for All Kinds of Chicken Feasting

Potato is the star side-kick, with its five-spiced baked peels and sweet potato fries making some of the most finger-licking chicken pairings. But sometimes, all you need is a great dip, like a ginger scallion sesame oil one that perfectly completes soy sauce chicken.

1. Sweet Potato Fries 

Sweet, salty and extremely addictive, our version of Sweet Potato Fries works marvelously as a side dish to your chicken - whether it's roasted, fried, grilled or baked. What’s more, you probably already have the key ingredients in your kitchen –salt, oil, garlic powder and pepper! Undemanding and requiring little post-cooking cleaning (if you choose to have it baked), this crispy and healthy dish will keep you coming back for more.

2. Curried Tomato Rasam Soup

If you having white chicken meat that's relatively free of seasonings and sauce, pair it with a strong flavour. A light broth with a punch of flavour, this dish promises to get rid of your blues... and your flu-like symptoms! The tanginess of Rasam aids in cleaning out your respiratory tract while the curry leaves help you deal with the symptoms. A common dish in South Indian cuisine, Rasam is prepared using tamarind juice as a base, and gently simmered with tomatoes, pepper, cumin and other spices.

3. Stuffed Tofu Pok

Nice to have something to keep eating, easily. Well, pop these in if you're looking for a puffy tofu snack alongside your favourite chicken main. You might love it when drenched in hot coconut laksa. But here, tofu puffs are deep-fried and potato stuffed, and you might love it too. A plate of tofu puffs are first emptied of tofu, then stuffed with a creamy, savoury mixture of mashed potato, rich eggs and soft tofu. Try it, it’s a mix cooked in culinary heaven.

4. Korean Seafood Pancake

Fancy a chewy, umami-break from all that glorious chicken? Well, look to Pajeon, or Korean Seafood and Green Onion Pancake. That's a popular street snack you often see being peddled from pushcarts with a visor-totting Korean Ajumma behind it. There’s something unforgettable about its texture –crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside –making it so addictive. Whip up this tasty snack any time of the day and pair it with the spicy sweet sauce to add a nice zing on the taste buds!

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5. Baked Pesto Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

If you thinking of a roast chicken, think about this creamy pesto veggie tray too. Incredibly easy to make (more like assemble, really), just a quick chop of veggies (we used pumpkin, sweet potato and purple potato), spooned over lumps of pesto sauce and in and out of the oven it went. It makes for a sweetly satisfying and healthy chicken meal. 

6. Hot Sour Rice Noodle Soup

Slippery, spicy, peppery and all-round flavourful is made even better with plain chicken shreds. Whether you like your chicken mixed into the hot-sour-soup, or neatly placed on top your spoon, over the spicy soup base - plain chicken soaks up all the intense flavours of this Sichuan-based soup and should be a staple in your recipe book. Recipe here.

7. Ginger Scallion Sesame Oil Sauce

What does soy sauce chicken go best with? This oily, fragrant, incredibly addictive ginger scallion sauce - hands down. So, if you're making fresh or looking for a way to use up those wilted spring onions, make a versatile Ginger Scallion Sauce to keep as a staple in your fridge. It’s a great way to use up spring onions that are past their prime. Mix them into noodles, rice, congee, or your favourite steamed fish! I like to add some into my Asian meatballs too. Plus, for extra flavour, add a splash of sushi vinegar.

8. Salted Egg Yolk Fries 

Chicken and fries are probably the best pair in the world, many would agree. Well, here we recommend tossing in a heavy shake of salted egg yolk powder for a savoury-sweetness and great seasoned kick. It’s incredibly easy, but wait for the oil to really heat up before sliding in those potato sticks-it needs to be hot so you get a sizzling crisp. The recipe also shows you how to make seaweed fries and a highly spiced briyani mix - both selections are great too.

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9. Lotus Root Soup

Delicately brewed and simmered for as long as you want its flavours to build, a warm bowl of Lotus Root Soup is a perfectly snug end to a bowl of fried chicken or soy sauce chicken. It provides a great palette reset from all the strong flavours, with traces of sweetness seeping out from the peanuts and lotus root. 

10. Five-Spiced Powder Potato Peel Chips 

Besides the regular chips, those with their skins on make great chicken-side-snacks, too! So the next time you end up with potato peel, don’t bin them. Save the peels for a tray of incredibly easy Potato Peel Chips that allows you to save food waste, save money, and enjoy a high-fibre snack that doesn’t contain any suspicious ingredients. All you need is five-spice powder for the extra lift! It can serve as a snack, or to add extra crunch to your soups or salads.

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