10 Best Durian Deliveries in Singapore for a Quick Fix

10 Best Durian Deliveries in Singapore for a Quick Fix

Feast upon the golden sticky flesh of this famous thorny fruit from the convenience of your home

1. 99 Old Trees Durian

Foil-sealed packaging. Photo: 99 Old Trees

Touted as the most reliable Durian Delivery service in Singapore, 99 Old Trees Durian has won over fans for the freshness of its durian and the amazing customer service experience. They bring in the best from their very own Fook Gor Durian Farm, which is located in the heart of the durian growing district famous for MSW.

How to order: https://www.99oldtrees.com/

Contact: +65 9822 2495

Flat rate of $4.90
Same Day Delivery (If you order before 3pm)

2. Parkway Durian

Durian stand at Parkway Durian. Photo: Parkway Durian

Have you seen the queues at this place?! Fret not, we’re not asking you to join the snaking line at Parkway Durian. As their durians sell like hotcakes, quite a few of their batches are actually prioritized towards walk-ins and pick-ups. However, they do offer delivery promotions for larger orders (usually 10KG and more), so you don’t have to queue in the sun for hours.

How to order: Whatsapp +65 9737 6776 (Mr Tuan) using the correct template

Contact: +65 9737 6776

Min order of $60 above for delivery
$18 delivery fee applies for orders below $200
Delivery fee is waived for orders above $200

3. Durian Express

Easy-tear plastic packaging. Photo: Durian Express

Part of the netizen community might disagree with us, but we’ve been impressed by the promptness and quality of the durians of Durian Express! Their website makes it a breeze to place your order and happy customers have praised their quick turnaround time.   

How to order: https://www.durianexpressdelivery.com/shop-our-durians/

Contact: +65 8116 8890

Normal Delivery: $9.50 per location
Express delivery $13.50  within 1 hrs
Second attempt Delivery : $15
Free Normal Delivery: $80.00 above

4. Eat Fresh

Photo: Eat Fresh

Caution: This new player in the scene will definitely entice you to order so many other amazing fruits besides the king! Founded in 2019, Eat Fresh offers a whole range of premium fruits that will make you wonder why you’ve been eating bad fruits your entire life. Their service is nothing short of stellar – so why not enjoy a whole nutritious mix of fruits, including durian? 

How to order: https://eatfresh.sg/

Contact: +65 9129 9772 

$8 for orders below $50
$15 for same-day delivery

5. Durian Studio

Photo: Durian Studio

With a focus on the incredibly photogenic golden Black Gold and Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, Durian Studio is a popular durian stall that North-East dwellers will know. They are a modest normal fruit stall in Hougang in the off-season, but cater towards larger orders and events during the peak of the durian season.

How to order: Whatsapp +65 91230780

Contact: +65 91230780

$6 for orders below 6 KG
Free for 6 KG and above

6. Durian Lobang King

Packed for delivery. Photo: Durian Lobang King

The owners behind Durian Lobang King have worked hard to spread recommendations of their fruit business through the coveted word-of-mouth. Past customers have lauded their lightning quick customers service in terms of replacing durians that were not up to standard. Give this new-kid-in-the-block a go!

How to order: WhatsApp +65 8889 4868

Contact: +65 8889 4868

Free delivery for orders above $80

7. Rich Star Durian

Dine-in at Rich Star Durian. Photo: Rich Star Durian 

Talk about enjoying durians in style! Rich Star Durian is actually a boutique restaurant serving up the lusciously rich fruit in Aljunied. Of course, in these stay-home times, they have switched to taking orders online. Their durians are de-husked before being delivered to you, saving a whole lot of kitchen woes with the chopper.

How to order: Message or Whatsapp +65 9220 1177

Contact: +65 9220 1177

Minimum order of $70 for delivery
$8 – 15 depending on location
Free delivery for orders above $100

8. The Durian Tree

Photo: The Durian Tree

Located in the west, the guys behind The Durian Tree are super busy bees in the height of this durian season. There’s a good reason for this – hundreds flock to their stall daily in hopes of getting their hands on the best picks for the day. Skip the line and satisfy your cravings from the comforts of your home by ordering from this well-known west side stall. Be dazzled by their wide range of choices, from the sharp and bitter Golden Phoenix to the mildly sweet D1.

How to order: Call or Whatsapp +65 8777 1388

Contact: +65 9812 4148

$15 for orders below $100
Free for orders above $100

9. The Durian Exchange

Photo: The Durian Exchange

This trendy looking store is a fast-growing fruit business based out of the Ang Mo Kio central. Fans rave about the “solid” quality of durians from The Durian Exchange, and even go on to describe the pungent aroma that fills the house upon opening one of their packs. 

How to order: Whatsapp or Call +65 9088 1253

Contact: +65 9088 1253

Above 10kg - Free Delivery
Above 6kg - $5 dollars delivery fee
Below 6kg - $15 dollars delivery fee

10. Mister XO Durian

We love the visuals of Mister XO Durian – not just the cute logo but their posters showing the different breeds of durians available! From the intensely bitter Black Thorn to the complex Jin Feng, they boast a wide variety of the prickly fruit (updated on their Facebook page) for your pickings. 

How to order: Whatsapp +65 9053 1388

Contact: +65 9722 7888

$10 for orders between 3-5 KG
$8 Between 5-10KG
Free for 10 KG and above

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Did we miss out any of your favorite durian delivery services above? Drop us a note in the comments below!

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