10 All Indonesian Ayam Recipes For The Chicken Lover

10 All Indonesian Ayam Recipes For The Chicken Lover

Go beyond Ayam Penyet and make these crisp fried, sweet spiced chicken in an all Indo style

1. Indonesian Chicken Curry: Kari Ayam

Although originally from India, curry has spread worldwide with countries adapting it to their own traditional tastes. Indonesia’s twist on curry is Kari Ayam, made of tender chicken cooked in a creamy broth full of fragrant spices like turmeric, cumin and galangal. If you are looking for a flavorful and spicy dish, Kari Ayam is for you.

2. Ayam Pok Pok Sambal Korek

Ayam Pok Pok Sambal Korek is an Indonesian dish made of small, bite-sized fried chicken served with a side of spicy homemade chili sauce. Chicken fillet is cut into cubes before they are coated with a flavorful batter and flour, and fried until crispy golden brown. Eat it on its own as a snack with sambal korek, or with rice for a more filling meal.

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3. Fried Chicken with Green Chili: Ayam Goreng Cabe Ijo

Ayam Goreng Cabe Ijo is a typical Indonesian dish from Padang, Sumatra. It combines juicy fried chicken with a spicy sauce made from green chilies to create a lovely dish which is bound to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy it with warm rice and other side dishes for a complete meal.

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4. Spicy Fried Chicken Feet: Ceker Geprek

A common delicacy across Asia, Ceker or chicken feet is no doubt, a local favorite. This Indonesian recipe for Ceker Geprek involves frying the chicken feet after it has been boiled and seasoned, resulting in a distinctly addictive texture, which is crispy and gelatinous at the same time. Paired with a raw chili and oil mixture for a spicy kick, it can be eaten on its own as a snack or with rice.

5. Spicy Coconut Roasted Chicken: Ayam Lodho

Ayam Lodho is a delicious chicken dish from Tulungagung in Indonesia. This Javanese specialty is prepared by first, roasting the chicken till its crispy golden brown on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. It is then cooked in a spicy coconut broth - perfect for those who enjoy some heat in their food. Enjoy it with a bowl of rice for a wholesome weeknight dinner.

6. Spiced Coconut Fried Chicken: Ayam Goreng Serundeng Khas Bandung 

Ayam Goreng Serundeng Khas Bandung, or Serundeng Fried Chicken is a popular dish originating from Bandung. This delicious chicken is enhanced by serundeng, which is sauteed grated coconut with spices. The use of spices to braise the chicken gives it a taste and aroma that would please even the most fussy connoisseurs. For those who can’t resist the heat of chilli, this dish is a perfect match to enjoy with a bowl or two, of steamed rice.

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7. Sambal Chicken Satay: Sate Taican

Unlike other traditional sate found in Indonesia, Sate Taichan is grilled without the usual soy sauce glaze, and served without their signature peanut sauce. Marinated with simple ingredients for a savory taste, these meat skewers are paired with a side of zesty sambal instead.

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8. Tumeric Lemongrass Indonesian Chicken Stew: Ayam Bumbu Kuning Kemangi

Tender juicy morsels of chicken served in a creamy yellow broth, Ayam Bumbu Kuning Kemangi is just the dish you need for a comforting lunch. This delicious Indonesian dish teases the taste buds with perfectly seasoned chicken and a flavorful soup that is rich in spices. Enjoy a hot bowl on a cool day to warm your belly and soul.

9. Indonesian Lombok Spicy Chicken: Ayam Bumbu Rajang

Spice up your meals with this Indonesian chicken dish! Commonly found in Lombok, Ayam Bumbu Rajang serves up tender juicy chicken with a mean gravy packed with lots of heat from the chili and cayenne pepper. Made with a blend of fragrant spices, it gives off an enticing aroma that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Enjoy this spicy dish with warm rice to offset the heat!

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10. Ayam Malbi: Indonesian Sweet Spiced Chicken Stew

Ayam Malbi is a traditional Indonesian chicken stew from Palembang that has a very distinctive taste and aroma. Bathed in a thick brown gravy that is savory with a subtle hint of sweetness, the tender juicy chicken is packed with comforting flavors, guaranteed to satisfy your dinner cravings.

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