10 Addictive Binge Recipes

10 Addictive Binge Recipes

Eyes on the show. No need to look at what you're eating as these are easy, drip-proof (mostly!), and altogether delicious.

If you think a night in and binge-watching a favourite television series is hard to beat, wait till you do that with some of the insanely addictive dishes that we have in store for you. Whether your choice of sin is savory fried chicken, the sweet temptation of desserts or a healthy kick of vegetables, this list of 10 has you covered! 

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet, salty and extremely addictive, our version of Sweet Potato Fries works marvelously as a side dish to your dinner roast or as a keep-on-going-till-it's-gone binge snack. What’s more, you probably already have the key ingredients in your kitchen –salt, oil, garlic powder and pepper! Undemanding and requiring little post-cooking cleaning (if you choose to have it baked), this crispy and healthy dish will keep you coming back for more.

2. Pisang Nugget

A popular snack in Indonesia, the Nugget Pisang has its roots in Goreng Pisang (or, quite literally, fried banana) and is essentially a golden, crispy nugget of sweet and crunchy. Preparing the dish is fail proof – a matter of mashing the bananas, folding it in diced bread and mixing it gently into the batter. The difficulty lies in perfecting the crunch! Do ensure that your oil is piping hot and not to overcrowd your pot as it might cause your banana nuggets to become oily and soggy.

3. Asian Lime Edamame

The perfect appetizer for a laid-back movie night, the fuss-free Asian Lime Edamame will have you picking and popping with minimal effort. It's savory and salty, piquant and aromatic due to the simple combination of salt, honey, soy sauce and lime juice. Quick tip: it is a great healthy snack because it contains low cholesterol and are an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium!

4. Hotteok

The Hotteok, a crisp-and-gooey pancake that is typically stuffed with dark brown sugar, cinnamon powder and grounded nuts, is one of the most popular street snack in Korea during winter. Whether you're a nibbler and can make one last as long as an episode, or you're a rapid chomper, it's guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, endlessly.

5. Arrowhead Chips 

Go non-stop with a bowl, box, bag of these crisp and delightful chips. Paper-thin, salty and aromatic, it's a Chinese classic that needs only four ingredients. The arrowhead, often called the Chinese potato, has an aromatic, earthy flavor that's unlike the traditional potato chip. A popular snack during Chinese New Year, it's delightfully crisp and just bitter enough to make it interesting.

6. Chocolate Potato Chip Cookies

Smooth velvety chocolate with ridged and ruffled chips in one bite. What's more to love? Make a tray, box, or tin of these sweet savoury delights. We like it with plain chips best, but use anything from the ever-popular BBQ to the cult favourite salt and vinegar for a crunching good time. See the recipe here

7. Salted Egg Yolk Kale Chips

Go heavy on your tv, and light in your tummy. The Asian egg sensation is now paired with kale, and it doesn't disappoint. The superfood is baked in buttery goodness, curry leaves, the heat of chillies and the super side-kick -creamy umami-filled salted eggs. Need some sweetness? We used gavia instead, it's a sugar replacement and a rare sugar equivalent. But other sugar replacements work too. Be warned though, it's addictive and absolutely keto-friendly.

8. Tteokbokki

Now if you like your binges satisfying and heavy, this sweet spicy Korean rice cake, Tteobokki, is a popular Korean stir-fried street food made from rice flour. Some versions contain fishcakes boiled eggs, but you can add absolutely anything you want. 

9. Curry Beef Cheesy Tacos 

A crispy, cheesy shell on the outside. And on the inside, soft beef with a spoon of savoury-sweet miso, all rolled into curry flavours of cumin, coriander, chilli, onion and garlic. Need we say more? Keto-friendly and accomodating, it's a recipe that's delicious and doesn't discriminate.

10. Sweet-Spicy Korean Chicken

You can now recreate the most juicest sweet and spicy Korean Fried Chicken recipe that will make your friends and family ask for more. We can't emphasize that the sauce is so delicious , you can literally dip anything in it. The perfect side dish that you can serve with this amazing plate of Korean Fried Chicken recipe would be a bowl of vinegary pickle that will just make every bite a little more delicious. Here’s a secret that Korean grandmas would never share with you -The key to the crunch lies in adding a wee bit of baking powder in the corn starch.

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