10 Absolutely Decadent Christmas Desserts to Order In
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10 Absolutely Decadent Christmas Desserts to Order In

Save the best for last – you’ll definitely want to with this dazzling lineup of ultra rich and flavorful festive sweets from foodpanda

The biggest question at the dinner table as your guests polish off the last bits of turkey and gravy is “What’s for dessert?” Fret not, even if you didn’t have a chance to whip together a last-minute brownie, the dazzling array of sweet treats available on foodpanda delivery will save the day. We hope you made room for dessert, because our mouthwatering top picks will leave you reaching for more.  

1. Red Velvet Yule Log Cake from Tedboy Bakery

Go full monty with this absolutely pretty Red Velvet Logcake covered with fresh, rich cream and decorated with the cutest Christmas trinkets. The Yule log cake has been around for centuries and it came from a time where families burnt a wood log on Christmas eve to signify the end of winter and bring good luck for the New Year. We can’t say this log cake will make it past Christmas eve though, because the layers of moist chocolate sponge and cream cheese are simply irresistible.

2. Christmas Rich Fruit Cake from Marks & Spencer

This Christmas Rich Fruit Cake has equally rich origins, dating back to the roman times even. It became famous in the middle ages when humans discovered that sugar was great for preserving fruits, and it became associated with weddings during the Victorian England era – Kate Middleton had a fruit cake at hers! Today, it’s a super popular treat for the holidays. Dig into this all butter fruit cake with plump vine fruits and glace cherries for a fulfilling festive dessert!

3. Vegan Musang King Durian Pint from Negative 12 Degrees Vegan Ice Cream

Since the mini durian season conveniently coincides with the holidays, durian lovers will thank you for having this Vegan Musang King Durian Pint in your freezer. The freshest musang king pulp is blended using Negative 12 degrees’ secret recipe before being churned into this wonderful, aromatic creamy and decadent dessert. Now, who’s up for seconds?! 

4. Biscoff Waffle from Wowffle

Move aside nutella, biscoff spread is the new bad boy in town. This thick and creamy cookie butter is made from specaloos. If you’re speculating on what’s that, it’s a spiced shortcrust biscuit traditionally baked for St Nicholas’ day around Christmas time. You have TV show winner Els Scheepers to thank for this super rich and creamy spreadable cookie butter. Try it with waffle in this Biscoff Waffle stack and be prepared to fall in love with biscoff this festive season.

5. Home-baked Cherry Pie from KoffieCraft

Love the sour tartness of cherries? This crumbly and bubbly Home-baked Cherry Pie or kersenvlaai in Dutch might just hit that post-dinner dessert spot. Dark cherries are often the fruit of choice to make winter pies in the Netherlands because they release their beautiful sweet juices when canned. This little cherry pie is the perfect dessert for an intimate Christmas dinner for two.

6. Mango Deluxe from Snowflake

Perhaps western cakes and sweets aren’t quite your thing, and you still prefer the flavors of home. We’ve got you covered with this Mango Deluxe that will make even your cake-eating friends jealous. A soya sorbet base is lavished with a mix of chewy taro and sweet potato balls, along with ai yu jelly and all-time crown favorite tapioca pearls. A generous heap of mango cubes and two scoops of mango sorbet goes on top of that. If that’s not colorful for you enough this Christmas, you can always add on as many toppings as your heart desires!

7. Dejavuuu Blueberry Cheesecake from Pandabites

Light yet creamy, and studded with blueberries, this Dejavuuu Blueberry Cheesecake is a quick fix for any sweet tooth! It comes with crumbly biscuit base, layered with cream cheese and smothered with a glossy blueberry sauce on the top. It comes in a little cup for fuss-free cleaning, so grab one, sit back and relax with a classic movie for some quality me time this holiday.   

8. Winter Forest from Coffee Bean

You’ve got your eye on the prize if you’re looking at this Winter Forest cake. A classic black forest cake is given a festive makeover with decadent chocolate and apricot layers, and topped off with a chocolate glaze and sour cherries for a tart finish. What better way to start an enchanted Christmas than to indulge in a slice of this winter paradise?

9. Burnt Cheesecake from Sweetspot

The northern Spaniards have been enjoying this delicacy for decades before the world noticed. The Basque Burnt Cheesecake has since taken the dessert world by storm after being labeled the “flavor of the year” by New York Times, and it’s easy to see why. A scorched top with the characteristic sinking in the center adds a unique aroma of salted caramel to this cheesecake, and once pierced, the gooey, rich mess within oozes out onto your fork. Be warned – it’s addictively good so don’t skimp on the order!

10. Warmest Chocolate Cake from Baker’s Cottage

Chilly December nights and this Warmest Chocolate Cake make for the perfect pairing this holiday season. Cream cheese mouse layered with moist chocolate sponge gives this cake a smooth, fudgy texture and a blend of bittersweet and savory flavors. A heavy shower of chocolate crumbles over the top gives each bite a nice crunch. Cozy up with a slice or two and let this chocolate cake warm you up from within!

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