10 Ultimate Finger-Licking Chicken Recipes

10 Ultimate Finger-Licking Chicken Recipes

Search no more- this is the definitive list of 10 ultimate chicken recipes that you should memorise because they.are.all.finger.licking.good. From the stickiest sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken, to fiery sambal fried chicken pops, and an invigorating ginger lemongrass chicken, it's chicken done right, each time. What's your favourite?

1.     Buttermilk Chicken 

Not all fried chicken was created equal, and there is a reason this Buttermilk Chicken recipe is one of Asian Food Network's most popular. At 30 minutes, it is really quick to prepare, and the flavours are unbelievable for a recipe this simple. Asian fragrances ooze all over and drip off golden brown perfectly fried chicken. One you taste it piping hot, you won't look at fried chicken the same again.

2.     Steamed Chicken with Lemongrass 

If you ever find a stick of lemongrass and haven’t a clue what to do with it, well here’s what. Smash it and rub it all over a pre-steamed chicken. Add in coriander and ginger too, for a hynoptic brew that adds magic to an already tender chicken in this Steamed Chicken with Lemongrass recipe.

3.     Grilled Chicken Satay 

Perfect as a snack, starter or main course, the Satay is the trifecta of dishes. Pieces of juicy meat –beef, chicken, mutton or pork –skewered on a stick and, traditionally, grilled over charcoal, paired with a thick sauce where the peanut and an array of spices take centre stage. To complete the dish, add some slices of raw shallots, cucumber and ketupat, which is compressed sticky rice steamed in woven palm leaves.

4.     Crispy Fried Chicken with Sambal 

Here’s a dish that is as tasty as it is spicy, the Fried Chicken Sambal! The fiery redness and heat of this dish comes from the Sambal, an addictive paste made mostly from chillies, dried shrimp and a variety of Southeast Asian spices. The chicken is marinated and deep fried, then thrown into a sauce made from a concoction of tomato, onions and chicken stock. Not for the fainthearted but you will be rewarded for your bravado.

5.     Claypot Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice with Mushroom is a Cantonese dish that is popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. It is relatively simple and easy to make as it only requires four steps, and you can always switch up the ingredients based on your likings. Many would say that Claypot Chicken Rice with Mushroom is a very flavourful dish as the rice absorbs the essence of the mushroom and chicken grease. Coupled with the tinge of sweetness from the Chinese sausage and oyster sauce, how can this combination get any better!

6.     Sticky Honey Soy Chicken Wings 

Sticky and sweet with a touch of brown sugar, this soy sauce chicken wing recipe is a fan favourite. Make this delicious chicken recipe for any event and this will absolutely be the star of the night. Asian Food Network has got you covered with the perfect chicken wing recipe that is easy and delicious.

7.     Korean Fried Chicken 

You can now recreate the juiciest sweet and spicy Korean Fried Chicken recipe that will make your friends and family ask for more. We can't emphasize that the sauce is so delicious, you can literally dip anything in it. The perfect side dish that you can serve with this amazing plate of Korean Fried Chicken recipe would be a bowl of vinegary pickle that will just make every bite a little more delicious. Here’s a secret that Korean grandmas would never share with you, the key to the crunch lies in adding a wee bit of baking powder in the corn starch.

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8.     Ayam Penyet 

If you love chicken, why would you smash it? The only justifiable reason is to create this unique Asian dish from Java, Indonesia that has spread across Asia and is getting popular across the world as well. A crispy yet tender chicken dish that is quick, easy, and served with a delicious chili paste so you can spice it up to your liking. Best served with steamed rice and usually complemented with simple Indonesian sides including fried tempeh (soy protein).

9.     Salted Egg Chicken 

This is not a trend, salted egg is here to stay. It's famously good on crab, snacks, pretty much anything fried. No matter how epic your Asian meal is, the salted egg dish tends to steal the show and what most people secretly save a little more room for. Salted Egg is addictive on most things, we admit that, but if we had to pick one use for it, this authentic Asian Salted Egg Chicken recipe would be it. Very few steps, minimal ingredients that when combined are hard not to be delicious and easy to get right, try not to eat it all directly off the pan before serving.

10.     Ginseng Chicken Soup 

Jam-packed with nutritious goodness, the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang) is said to be the perfect summer dish fight the heat. The chicken is lovingly stuffed with soaked glutinous rice and gently simmered with garlic, ginger, and the super-herb of Asian cuisine, ginseng, said to aid in boosting energy and the immune system. Serve piping hot with rice, chopped scallions, salt and pepper on the side!

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