Chinese New Year 2020

Bring in the Chinese New Year with Asian Food Network's top favourite CNY dishes.

Chinese New Year

Keto Stir Fried Dragon Chives with Beansprouts

If you’re on keto, leafy vegetables are the best for the diet. They’re low in carbs compared to stem and root vegetables, but still tastes delicious. For a Chinese New Year meal, you’ll want to make this, whether your family is on keto or not-it’s that yummy.

One-Pot Ginger Wine Chicken Mee Sua

This comforting dish is a wonderful way to start the first day of the New Year. Its warming qualities will fill your whole being, while the aroma of chicken, ginger and Chinese wine will fill your kitchen.

Peanut Soup with Glutinous Riceballs

Golden brown peanuts first roasted then crumbed and tossed into rich butter. Then, they are portioned gently into chewy rice flour balls and bubbled in a brown sugared soup. When still warm, eat this traditional Chinese festive dessert comfortably, popping it whole or delightfully stretching it into two.

Seafood White Beehoon

Introducing a staple and easy-to-prepare meal for the family - The Seafood White Bee Hoon, a dish that is considered a national cuisine along the ranks of Chilli Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice. The bee hoon, simmered to perfection in a concoction of stock, fish sauce and spices, and mixed with fresh seafood, vegetables and creamy strings of egg is the perfect meal for the young and old.


What's hot, what's in, and what you should be cooking in the kitchen, courtesy of Asian Food Network



Singapore Hokkien Mee

If a dish can be a mood, then the Singapore Hokkien Meecan only be known as cheery. A plate of glossy yellow and white noodles, bright orange shrimp, white rings of squid and green strips of Chinese chives soaked in a gravy made with seafood broth and served with lime, it is a popular dish that can be found in any Hawker Centre in Singapore. Here’s a tip –the longer you are able to simmer the seafood broth, the tastier your dish would be!

Top 10 Realistic Tips for a Healthy Festive Chinese New Year

From proper planning before the festivities, to playing Charades during home-visits and repurposing delicious CNY leftovers - here are 10 easy, and very doable tips to keep you happy and healthy this Chinese New Year.

Shrimp Lo Mein

This Shrimp Lo Mein recipe is tastier than any takeout! Don’t be confused between a chow mein and a lo mein as we bring you the a secret lo mein recipe just like the Chinese restaurants or even better. Stop wondering how to make a lo mein right now and try this recipe which you can substitute with chicken, beef, seafood or just go vegetarian. It is that good.

The Family Table

Family get-togethers are now tastier with popular recipes from Asian Food Network.



Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts

It might look difficult to recreate the perfect egg tart but we have the perfect no-fuss recipe of how to make a delicious and smooth Portuguese egg tart. Egg tarts are not an easy feat as we faced questions of how long can they last or how do we reheat egg tarts without it becoming a solid custard. Don’t worry, we have the right steps and help you need and forget about the calories, because our egg tart recipes are worth every single calorie.

Teochew Style Steamed Pomfret

The Steamed Pomfret is a true representation of Teochew cuisine –tasty, fresh and nutritious. Don’t be fooled by the clear broth and what seem to be plebeian ingredients, because this dish will shock your palette with its tangy, savory and spicy flavors. A truly simple dish to make, simply pile the ingredients onto the pomfret, pour the sauce and steam!

Soup Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

Known and famous for in Indonesia is Sop Buntut (oxtail soup) - a warm & hearty stew that you can't get enough of on a cold chilly day. & here, we give you one of our best sop buntut recipes.

Chicken Katsudon

The Katsudon is one of the most well-known Japanese rice bowls in the world, and it is easy to see why –it is the perfect balance between sweet and salty, filled with delightful textures, thanks to the crunchy fried chicken and fat grains of rice swimming in a creamy sea of egg. To fully enjoy this dish, eat it hot off the stove!

Low on Carbs

Yummy without the tummy. The most delicious and keto-friendly ways to cut carbs.



Steamed Pork Ribs

Prepare to fight for your food because this Steamed Spare Rib recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Bite-sized spare ribs soaked in a rich and garlicky marinate made mostly of fermented bean paste, dried black beans, light soy sauce and sesame oil, and cooked till tender, it is a common sight to see diners ordering mini basket steamers of this in Chinese dim sum restaurants. Have it on its own, or savour with rice.

Silky Steamed Eggs

Served in a shallow bowl to share or in a small ramekin for each person, the Silky Steamed Egg is a popular dish that is eaten at home, or many Chinese restaurants across Asia. It is the most straightforward of recipes –simply mix water with beaten eggs ,season and steam –but to get the smooth and soft texture right requires some attention to detail, such as getting the right egg water ratio!

Savoury Bacon and Avocado Muffin

A kick-ass and keto-friendly bacon-butter-avocado muffin you'll want to eat all day. Combine a tasty mix of cream cheese, garlic and coconut milk with the magic juice of fried bacon and golden yellow butter. Sink your teeth through all that packed in a lightly sweetened muffin cup of coconut or almond flour.

All-in-One Feast 

Hearty, delicious and simple to cook one-dish wonders by Sarah Huang Benjamin.


One Bowl Steamed Lor Mai Gai (Chicken Glutinous Rice)

Sticky rice is a must-have at Chinese New Year for me, as it symbolises the coming together of family at this celebratory time of year. This is the easiest way to produce a traditional lor mai gai, with juicy, flavourful chicken and warm, sticky rice.

One-Pot Apple, Osmanthus, and Cranberry Dessert Soup

A refreshing dessert soup is a classic for Chinese New Year, and is sure to get your year off to a sweet start. This one uses dried cranberries for an easy interesting twist, adding lots of tartness and texture to this dish. The osmanthus adds a wonderful floral note for an elegant touch.

One-Pan Slow-Baked Wuxi Pork Ribs

Combining Asian and Western cooking techniques makes this an easy, one-pot dish. All the flavour from the Chinese sauces penetrates the ribs during a low and slow bake in the oven, where they become meltingly soft and fall-off-the-bone tender.

So Local So Good

Cook it like how your mom and her mom made it. 


Oyster Omelette

A fan of Oyster Omelette (Ou Luak) but unable to find a store with the perfect ratio of egg, flour, and oyster? Why not try cooking oyster omelette at home! Not only can you control the proportions of the ingredients that you add-in, you can also adjust the seasoning to your preferences - be it the chili, fish sauce, and even the number of oysters. Be as lavish as you want, and there you have it, your perfect Oyster Omelette!


Ever heard of a fruit platter that is vastly unhealthy (and thus really tasty) for you? Enter the Chinese Rojak –a salad concocted in Singapore that is both sweet and savoury, an ensemble of fruits, fried dough fritters and fried beancurd tossed in a dressing made of shrimp paste, tamarind, sugars and peanuts. Eat it like a local and throw in some chopped chili padi in that sauce!

Curry Puff

Creamy curry potato with egg hugged in crispy golden pastry, it is no wonder that the Curry Puff is a popular snack throughout Southeast Asia. This delicious pillow of goodness, while not the easiest to prepare, is well worth the effort! The difficulty lies in the pastry –the dough must be allowed to rest for 20 minutes and deft hands are required to fold the filling into the pocket. Once you have it down though, the rest is easy! Curry puffs freeze nicely so make a big batch and save some for the future!

Sambal Tumis Udang

Spicy sauteed shrimp that packs a punch, deliciously finger licking good!

DIY Kitchen

Cook it, eat it, serve it, know all about it


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