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What is Your Asian Food Takeaway Horoscope?

Whether you are a red-hot spicy Aries or a cool-as-cucumber Taurus, there's a perfect takeaway for your stars, or shall we say, woks and pots?

How To Choose a Good Durian

They say durian is the most divisive fruit on the planet. Some like it, but some hate it. If you love durian, here are ways in choosing the best durian in fruit stands.

10 Super Sambal Dishes For Every Spice Level

Sambal is one of the best loved sauces in Southeast Asia and pairs so well with many different food items, from vegetables to meat to rice

8 Wonderful Tofu Recipes

Be surprised with the wonderful tofu that is silky, soft, smooth, crisp and crunchy!

How To Make Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is steamed short-grain Japanese rice flavoured with vinegar. It is the most essential part of perfect sushi. The preparation of perfect sushi rice is snappy and easy, requiring only a few simple ingredients and seasonings all in a rice cooker. Pair this with some crispy Tonkatsu Pork, drizzled with some umami sauce, an oozy ramen egg and a handful of freshly shredded salad with mayo and you’re set for a hearty lunch!

Bread Sushi Rolls

Bread Roll Sushi are actually sandwich roll-ups but with chicken, sliced cheese, veggie or any fillings of your preference rolled with flattened bread. This is a simple, easy-to-prepare yet nutritious menu perfect for breakfast.

Sweet Rainbow Sushi

Add in a tropical twist to conventional sushi to make this vibrant sweet sushi an impressive perfect party dish or sweet cool summery afternoon snack!This rainbow sushi dish is a super attractive snack, it’s easy to make and squeezes in a nutrient boost (especially for those fickle kids) under the disguise of a rice roll. If you don’t have mangoes, feel free to replace them with pineapples or other juicy fruits that retain their shape when sliced.

Stuffed Tuna Mayo Sushi Muffins

This Stuffed Sushi recipe requires no sushi mat(only a simple muffin tray), but still serves up something impressively scrumptious. Sweet corn and tuna mayonnaise combine well to give a creamy sweetness to this Stuffed Sushi without being overpowering. Feel free to sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on top and Japanese Chili Flakes (Ichimi Togarashi) to enhance the flavors and textures!

Bibik's Kueh: Nonya Kuehs To Make In Your Own Kitchen

Learn how to recreate some of the best Nonya Kuehs that will impress your family and friends


Delectable Cendol Kueh Talam

With the flavours and textures of Cendol in a kueh, these delicious morsels make gorgeous tea time treats. Cendol, an icy treat made with a combination of coconut milk, gula melaka and the distinctive green rice flour jelly, is a popular street dessert to cool down the hot and humid days (which is almost every day in Southeast Asia). This kueh takes the best of the Cendol dessert and turns it into a wonderful treat you can hold in your hand and pair with a smooth Teh Tarik or Kopi.

Decadent Creamy Durian Kueh Salat

Durian season calls for decadent, creamy durian desserts made with the soft, ripe yellow pulp. Combining durian, butterfly pea flowers and glutinous rice, this kueh’s powerful fragrance and striking colours, are sure to wow on your dining table.The natural sweetness and bitterness of durian compliments creamy coconut milk really well, giving this kueh a richer taste compared to other Nyonya desserts.

Beautiful Fragrant Purple Sweet Potato Kueh Lapis

A variation of the traditional nine-layer Nyonya Kueh Lapis, this version uses purple sweet potatoes for its natural colour and earthy flavour, alternating with traditional pandan-scented, coconut milk layers. The bright and unique purple colors are sure to attract itching fingers waiting to try some!

Toothsome Pandan and Pumpkin Kueh Kosui

These soft and bouncy dimpled kueh are naturally coloured and flavoured with pandan, pumpkin and topped with salted coconut, making them a moreish treat.The rough and smooth textures makes this a delight in the mouth and will definitely have you reaching for just one more (especially one of a different color –got to try them all!). If you don’t have the appropriate mould, simply use your muffin tray and fill it to the midway point to make bigger kuehs.

NEW SERIES : Andrew Zimmern's Masterclasses & TLC's Travel For Love

This will be your new favourite spot to check out all the latest webisodes by our very own foodies. Whether it is food or travel, this will be your go-to in learning how to cook or basically, being the pro of where to eat.  Always looking for the perfect food guide when you are travelling, we've got you covered too. Check out our weekly series and Sign Up For FREE To Watch Full Episodes Of  Andrew Zimmern's Masterclasses & TLC's Travel For Love. Watch This Space For More Masterclasses & Exclusive Series Coming Your Way!


Andrew Zimmern's Masterclasses

Ever thought of pairing a juicy steak with creamy miso? Or tossed some springy noodles in aged soy sauce? Here, follow Andrew Zimmern, chef and host of long-running hit tv series “Bizarre Foods”, as he goes back to basics in the kitchen, whipping up family-friendly Asian dishes. You’ll learn how to make a tasty Wagyu Miso Ribeye for two, an addictive Kimchi Fried Rice, and more easy-eating dishes for all. At the end of it, these step-by-step cooking sessions packed with essential cooking tips will form a solid foundation for yourAsian cooking journey.

Travel For Love

Travel For Love is a new unscripted series that reinvents the genre of travel shows, with the added element of new relationships in foreign lands. In this series, 5 micro influencers set off on a trip of a lifetime to experience all the magic of new adventures, and the anticipation of meeting potential romantic interests, for the first time.

Jason's Kopitiam Trails

Embark on this gastronomic journey with Jason Yeoh as he visits Malaysia's best-loved kopitiams, enjoys their offerings, hears their stories, and finds out where they stand today against the new wave of hipster cafés & modern-day coffee shops. Remaining the backbone of Malaysian food culture and social nucleus within smaller towns, the kopitiam has endured as the favourite rendezvous to meet over a cup of coffee, teh tarik & stack of toast.

Jamie Cooks Italy

Jamie Cooks Italy is a glorious food travel series in which Jamie Oliver goes in search of Italy's very best home cooks to bring us extraordinary Italian dishes that turn the simple into the sublime. Watch Jamie Cooks Italy Every Tuesday, 9PM on our sister channel, TLC

The Family Table

More people means more food, and here’s how you make for memorable and tastier family get-togethers with popular family recipes from Asian Food Network. Add flavors to the memories of sharing, loving, fighting, laughing, and making up with family. Spend less time worrying about what to make, and more time bonding with the ones you don’t treasure enough.


Sambal Tumis Udang

Spicy sauteed shrimp that packs a punch, deliciously finger licking good!

Cucur Udang

Indulge in delicious deep-fried prawn fritters, one is simply not enough!

Ayam Pongteh

The Peranakan Chicken Stew For Non-Spice Lovers. While many Peranakan dishes can be complicated and time-consuming, Ayam Pongteh, or Chicken Stew, is a classic stew that’s one of the easier ones, and uses a manageable number of ingredients. The key ingredient is tau cheo, a kind of intensely salty, smoky and yeasty fermented soybean that makes everything come together. Gula melaka too, sweetly balances everything. There’s also no spice in this, unusual for Peranakan cuisine, so everyone can tuck in.

Kimchi Fried Noodles

Quick fix for kimchi cravings and best of all, you can add anything to this dish.We highly recommend melting a slice of cheese right on the top.

Everything Your Kitchen Needs

Whether it is cookware, appliances or making sure that your kitchen is organised and tidy, we have all the best recommendations to help make cooking and cleaning easier for you 

7 Bakeware Every Smart Baker Needs

Whip up some amazing homemade treats with this range of beautiful, durable and wallet-friendly baking equipment

5 Multi-Cookers For Every Kind of Household

Whether you have a large family, or live alone, there's always a magic multicooker to suit every kind of home

Frying Up A Feast? Get These Non-Stick Pans For Effortless Cooking

If you love making fried food, these reliable non-stick pans will make frying everything a breeze

7 Under $35 Kitchen Organisers For a Clutter-Free Kitchen

If you are like us and cooking more at home these days, you might notice the kitchen getting… crowded. From utensils, to food storage to the trash, here are some cool kitchen add-ons we found to help you optimize and tidy your kitchen

So Local So Good

Easy, quick, authentic. That’s how we like our Asian food. We’ve searched Asia and found the easiest way to cook it like Asian parents, their parents, and their parents’ parents made it, no matter where in the world you are.


Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Yang Zhou Fried Rice is definitely a dish that everyone knows. Almost everyone would have eaten this dish before, and hence it is no stranger to us. Having tasted this dish multiple times, why not try recreating this dish at home? We have the perfect Yang Zhou Fried Rice for you, simple and easy for you to recreate. With just five steps, you can prepare this dish in 35 minutes. Pro-tip, you can also make use of your leftover rice to recreate this dish.

Singapore Hokkien Mee

If a dish can be a mood, then the Singapore Hokkien Meecan only be known as cheery. A plate of glossy yellow and white noodles, bright orange shrimp, white rings of squid and green strips of Chinese chives soaked in a gravy made with seafood broth and served with lime, it is a popular dish that can be found in any Hawker Centre in Singapore. Here’s a tip –the longer you are able to simmer the seafood broth, the tastier your dish would be!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

A popular dish in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, this juicy and succulent steamed chicken is always a feast! Here’s an easy recipe for you to recreate this delicious dish at home.

Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu is a famous Sichuan dish that is spicy and tongue-numbing. It consists of mainly tofu, spicy sauce, minced meat, and, most importantly, Sichuan peppercorn. By recreating this Mapo Tofu dish, you can adjust the spiciness, the ingredients, and give it your own spin. You don't have to be a cooking expert to whip up this dish because it can be prepared under 30 minutes with just three steps.

DIY Kitchen

Not from Asia? From Asia but need a refresh on the basics? The fundamentals are always a great place to start and be reminded of. Spend some time here and you’ll be one of our Foodies in no time.


How To: Make Mala Paste

The spicy, mind numbing condiment that you need to have in your kitchen right now.

How To: Make Chicken Stock

What's the difference between chicken stock and chicken broth? Find out now.

Three Types of Rice You Should Know

What you need to know about this easy (and one of the oldest) food staple.

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