Frying Up A Feast? Get These Non-Stick Pans For Effortless Cooking

Frying Up A Feast? Get These Non-Stick Pans For Effortless Cooking

If you love making fried food, these reliable non-stick pans will make frying everything a breeze

If you love making fried food, a reliable non-stick pan could be your lifesaver. You use less oil and clean up confidently. Whether it’s a glorious Ikan Goreng Kicap or Sweet Soy Fried Fish, and a doughy Kuih Keria, or Deep-Fried Sweet Potato Doughnut- a non-stick pan will make frying everything a breeze.

1. Eox Non-Stick 30 cm Pan

A great all-rounder, this Eox Non-Stick 30 cm Pan, is wide enough for your favourite Coconut Pancakes with Gula Melaka Drizzle for Sahur in the morning, and deep enough to whip up an aromatic Gulai Ikan Karang (Snapper Fish Curry) for Iftar in the evening. Pan handling is really important for home cooks – after, pans are probably the most often used cookware. Flimsy handles, too-hot-to-handle handles, and handles that unscrew themselves – there are many possible annoyance points with a badly designed handle! You don’t have to worry about losing your grip on this one – it comes with PFOA-free (perfluorooctanoic acid free) soft grip handle that can withstand up to 260°C. We also love its subtle pour spout, which means no more spilling your gravy everywhere. Its flameproof glass cover lets you monitor your food with ease and its flat bottom allows it to be used on induction cookers as well. With rave 5-star reviews from happy customers, you can’t go wrong with this pan!

2. Cooker King 28 cm Non-Stick Frying Pan

There’s a reason your to-go frying pan is always around 30 cm – it lets you cook enough for 2-4 family members without having to deal with an overly full pan. It’s also a great size for most stovetops, which are made to accommodate that size. This Cooker King 28 cm Non-Stick Frying Pan is another great option for sautéing some healthy vegetables to accompany your rich and flavourful Iftar classics. Its stainless steel, composite bottom allows you to use it on electromagnetic surfaces (induction cookers), while heating your food up evenly and quickly. With a reinforced pot rim and embedded handle, this pan is surely durable enough to withstand some tough love.

3. Monazone Non-Stick Japanese Style Frying Pan

Add some crunchy textures to your Iftar meals by deep frying some tasty Stuffed Tofu Pok or some well-loved kerupuk. While this Monazone Non-Stick Japanese Style Frying Pan is touted for tempura use, there’s no reason it won’t serve your different deep fryer needs during Ramadan. Being 8 cm deep, it can hold a significant amount of oil for deep-frying while minimising the risk of hot oil splattering onto your hands (don’t we all hate that burn). There’s also a pour spout to make it convenient for you to pour out and store your leftover oil. We like how it comes with a moon shaped strainer that’s perfect to drip dry your fried snacks (save on those paper towels!). Pair it with a long pair of wooden chopsticks to pick up your fried goodies and you’re good to go!

4. Xiao Mi Youpin Non-stick Pan

Yet another versatile piece of cookware, this Xiao Mi Youpin Non-stick Pan can not only fry up some delectable Cucur Udang, it can also be used to prepare a steaming pot of Butterfly Pea Cauliflower Nasi Lemak. Its long and short handles remind us of the northern-style woks, and makes it easy to carry your heavy pot of curry from stove to table. Layers are important in a non-stick pan – a 5-ply metal cladding is required at a minimum. A heat conductive layer, a non-reactive layer, and a non-stick layer are some of the essential materials of a quality non-stick pan. This Xiao Mi pan has it all with a thick 6-layer design. At 15 cm deep, it can even be your backup soup pot!

5. Tefal Ideal Multi Pancake Pan

 Yes, Tefal is the pioneer of the revolutionary non-stick pan! They have come a long way in terms of design and versatility, and this Tefal Ideal Multi Pancake Pan is no exception. Achieve perfectly round Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancakes or eggs in them, or create the sought-after McDonald’s Inspired Griddled Pancake Burger with Satay Sauce and Egg. There’s so many ways to make use of the segregated round pockets – by making mini Murtabak Manis or even a Heavenly Sweet and Spiced Lempeng Bawang for your Sahur mornings. And if you worry about the clean up afterwards, you’d be happy to know that this pan is dishwasher safe.

6. UINN Double Side 32 cm Non-Stick Frying Pan

Whoa, if one-sided pans are not enough for you, how about a heavy duty UINN Double Side Non-Stick Frying Pan? It has always been troublesome for us to constantly flip chicken drumsticks around in Ayam Taliwang or Ayam Pongteh, failing which you would get a chicken piece that’s charred on one side. This double side pan solves that issue by letting you cook your fish, steak, chicken and more evenly on both sides without chasing it around the pan! Its wide 32 cm diameter means you can even fit family-friendly Sambal Tumis Udang or Ayam Penyet in there. There’s a strong magnet on the handle, which ensures that your food does not escape while you are executing your flip. Having a fully sealed piece of cookware also means that your food will cook faster, while retaining the savoury juices and flavour from the meats. There’s also ridges a the bottom of the pan, which gives your meats the coveted grill marks that makes for easier garnishing and beautiful plating. 

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