5 Blenders to Keep Life Smooth and Creamy

5 Blenders to Keep Life Smooth and Creamy

Discover which food processing equipment allows you to create silky-like textures for your milkshakes, sauces and soups alike

No matter how finely you can chop your fruits or vegetables, nothing beats have a blender to cream everything uniformly within seconds. Blending foods mashes together contrasting ingredients like milk and blueberries that won’t combine on their own into a Deliciously Creamy Matcha Blueberry Smoothie. It’s also a way to achieve luscious cream soups like Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup or Healthy Broccoli Spinach Soup, creating a texture that coats your crunchy garlic butter bread so well. We gave these blenders below a spin, and narrowed down the ones that made our culinary world go round!

1. Philips 600W 2L Blender with Accessories

Philips 600W 2L Blender with Accessories. Photo: Philips

Ranking within the top 50 best global brands, Philips is a trusted household name for kitchen appliances. You can’t go wrong with their trusty Philips 600W 2L Blender with Accessories, which will equip you with the A to Z of food processing capabilities. This family-friendly sized blender comes with a chopper add-on (no more tears while chopping onions), and mill, which is ideal for grinding your freshly roasted coffee beans, toasted nuts and peppercorns. Use the chopper accessory to grind your spice paste for Roti Jala and Chicken Curry, and puree your golden yellow fruit pulp for a Durian Chocolate Truffle dessert, which is perfect for taking the spice off your tongue. From couples to small families, this blender set will serve you so well on a daily basis that you’d only wish you had it sooner!

2. Tebuy High-Speed Blender

Tebuy High Speed Blender. Photo: Tebuy

This futuristic Tebuy High-Speed Blender has won over many customers, who showered praise over its sturdy built, quiet motor and small kitchen foot print. If you are looking for something that’s both functional and super sleek in terms of aesthetics, this bullet shaped blender will definitely be a proud addition to your kitchen space. With 30, 000 RPM (rotations per minute), its sharp blades can pulverize spices for your savory Masala Baked Chicken Rice or herbalicious toppings  for McDonald’s Inspired Shaker Fries 3 Ways in seconds. Create the commonly used garam masala or five spiced powder from scratch with this blender’s grinding function – and customize the powders the way you and your family love (be it with more heat, more aromatics or a certain favorite herb). The best kept secret? This blender looks way more expensive than it is, and is a steal for what it can do.

3. Biolomix Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Automatic Timer Blender

Biolomix Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Automatic Timer Blender. Photo: Biolomix

Hold on to your ripe tomatoes and make way for this behemoth of a Biolomix Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Automatic Timer Blender. With up to 2200W of peak power and six-wave action blades (normal countertop blenders only have 500W and 4-5 blades), this blender will mercilessly shred anything and everything you put into it. Want an incredibly smooth yam ice cream with your Halo Halo? Or fine crystallized crushed ice for your Es Teler? This blender will slush it up in no time. Being a high-powered piece of equipment doesn’t mean that safety is compromised – this commercial grade blender comes with a safety switch system (that many countertop versions lack), which allows the appliance to start only when the jug is correctly in place. Work your way up to top speeds by adjusting the knob, without shocking your fruits and vegetables right out of the blender when you turn it on. Set the timer on for a peace of mind, and just sit back and relax while it whirrs your creamy soups to perfection.

4. Kevolve Portable Juice Blender

Kevolve Portable Juice Blender. Photo: Kevolve

True to its name, this Kevolve Portable Juice Blender is no bigger than your average water bottle and can be easily held in one hand! Whether you are a gym junkie or a health food lover, nutritious smoothies can be made on the go, wherever you are in the world. This compact juice blender is rechargeable via USB cable, and can be used up to 15 times with each charge. With a 350 ML capacity, it’s suitable for one person, and can be used for a Super Green Capsicum and Apple Juice Booster in your rushed mornings or a rewarding Chocolate Pretzel Milk Shake after a tough workout. We love the fact that it’s easy to clean (no one likes scrubbing tough dried stains inside a blender).  Simply add water, give it a spin and pour it out. Blending also only activates while in lock position, preventing any nasty incidences in your office or gym bag. There’s literally no excuses left to keeping healthy on the move!

6. La Gourmet 1.5L Vacuum Blender

La Gourmet 1.5L Vacuum Blender. Photo: La Gourmet

Looking to splurge on a top-of-the-line blender? This La Gourmet 1.5L Vacuum Blender is the dream of many home cooks, as it serves up smoother, less-frothy soups, shakes and sauces. You’re paying essentially for the vacuum technology, which as its name suggests, sucks out the air from the jar before blending. This not only creates silkier textures – it stops air bubbles from forming within your precious food, and reduces oxidation of your fruits and vegetables, allowing your end product to retain more nutrients as compared to normal blenders. On top of that, this blender is fitted with six 3D whirlpool blades that’s guaranteed to fuse your ingredients together in a heartbeat. Whip up some yummy Avocado Shake with Gula Melaka or a sweet sticky Date Shake with it, and provide your family with more vitamins and flavor by upgrading your home blender to this vacuum one.

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