Top 6 Family Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Singapore

Top 6 Family Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Singapore

Whether it's the famous Singapore Chili Crab, the punchy umami-packed Char Kway Teow or a simple fuss-free sushi platter, get all your family favourites delivered to you by foodpanda

There are many ways to describe Singapore but one of the most apt descriptors has to be “food paradise”. That bodes well for families likes ours. So, waste no time and get your family favourites delivered fast and fresh to you with foodpanda, whether it's the famous Singapore Chili Crab, the punchy umami-packed Char Kway Teow or a simple fuss-free sushi platter. 

1. Dim Sum: Every Family Has Their Favourites

Dim Sum is Singaporean favourite for lunches, especially on the weekends. But not just that, suppertime is Dim Sum time too, with late-night Dim Sum places aplenty. These bite-sized delights hail from Hong Kong and is an à la carte of delicately flavoured delights such as the sweet Hong Kong Egg Tarts, scalding hot Xiao Long Bao dumplings and sweet spiced chewy chicken feet. We would argue that dim sum is one of the best food to get delivered for families because everyone will find something that they like (or if everyone likes the same dishes, simply order double!). Get your selection of favourite Dim Sum on foodpanda

2. Chilli Crab: A Singaporean Classic

Picture this: Crab, the sweetest of seafood, swimming in a red and thick gravy that is interwoven with little white ribbons of egg. Now picture it delivered hot off the wok and onto your dining table for the entire family to enjoy! That’s right, you can order the famous Singapore Chili Crab, whose intense flavour comes from the spice paste – a harmony of chili, garlic, shallots and ginger, on foodpanda and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Now that you can have it at home, we recommend that you and your family eat them with your hands. Yum. 

3. Fried Chicken: A Must-Have Classic Family Favourite

Fried chicken is loved all around the world, and Singapore is no exception. From fast-food outlets that sell your classic original or spicy flavours, to gourmet chicken rubs like truffle salted ones and chicken cheese ones, there’s really something to please everyone. Let’s not forget the trendy Korean flavours like sweet spiced gojuchang, honey garlic sauces and sweet soy-blended ones. No matter the flavour, there are some things that make a good fried chicken. Tender meat oozing with chicken juices, and a crisp salty (or sweet) skin that makes one drool. So, whichever way you love your fried chicken, order up on foodpanda and let it come to you.

4. Pizza: Perfect for Delivery

If any dish is ever designed for delivery, that’s pizza. It fits well in box, slides right out, and the most important part, it’s super easy for restaurants to prepare… which means your hungry family gets to fill their bellies sooner! Probably the hardest part lies in choosing your favourite pizza, there’s so many ingredients to pick from. Now, we top our pizza slices with all sorts of lovely toppings like truffle oil, seafood, and never forgetting the classic cheese tomato spread. It’s become a dish that’s favoured and savoured well beyond its Italian beginnings. In Singapore, you can get your pizza delivered piping hot, from your favourite fast-food joint, or your neighbourhood pizzeria, all on foodpanda

5. Sushi: Easy-Eating Japanese Delights

With Japanese restaurants and sushi eateries all around Singapore, you can be sure you’ll get your sushi platter delivered to you on foodpanda in no time. We love a good selection of layered tamago (Japanese egg usually lightly soaked in sweet sauce), fresh salmon, tuna and the ever-popular crabmeat sushi. But everyone has their favourites, so whether it’s makizushi (sushi rolls with crunchy vegetables and/or raw fish) or nigiri (thin slices of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice), a platter of sushi delights makes for a delicious and healthy meal that is built for delivery. 

6. Satay: Ask for More Creamy Peanut Sauce

Satay is quite easily one of the best finger-food around isn’t it? Deliciously tasty with creamy peanut sauce, incredibly satisfying when eaten with ketupat (sticky rice wrapped in palm leaves), and grilled to smoky perfection under searing flames. You can order anything from chicken (many love this), an intensely heady mutton, beef and a whole lot more – all served on a stick, so you don’t even need to get your hands dirty. It’s really perfect as a snack, starter or main course and great for sharing around. Get a tray of sticky sweet spiced satays on foodpanda, whenever those hunger pangs hit.

  • In Singapore, get all these family favourites and more delivered on foodpanda
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