Will We Say Goodbye to These Eateries in Malaysia?

Will We Say Goodbye to These Eateries in Malaysia?

A young bubble-tea street, an old eatery chain, and others are among food businesses that may not re-open after the Covid-19 pandemic

After months of no dine-ins, restaurants that survived the Covid-19 lockdown are re-starting their kitchens, dusting their tables and putting out the menus again. Some though, might not re-open, like these 5 establishments in Malaysia. 

1. Delicious, at Petaling Jaya

Photo: The Delicious Group

After almost two decades in the restaurant scene, Delicious has undoubtedly left their signature turquoise mark on their loyal followers. What started out as just a small cafe inside of MS READ boutique at 1Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya quickly garnered attention with their wide selection of delicious cakes and desserts. They expanded soon after with an outlet in Bangsar Village II in 2005 which turned them into a household name, opening more outlets all around Klang Valley. With their whimsical and cosy interior, diners felt immediately at home as they were spoiled for choices with their delectable Asian-Western fusion menu.

The Delicious Group made the decision to cease operations even before the Movement Control Order (MCO), however they decided to remain open and delay their closure not only for the sake of their customers who suddenly had to rely solely on food delivery services to get a taste of the dining life they once had, but also for their staff who needed work now more than ever. Delicious fans are definitely going to miss their signature chocolate cake, tea time scones and moist carrot cake.

2. WhupWhup, at Subang

Photo: WhupWhup

What was once a factory that used to produce industrial yarn seals became a one-stop space for food, coffee, events and the arts. WhupWhup was not just a cafe –– it was an experience. With more than 10,000 square feet to cover, the WhupWhup team made sure to put personal touches into everything you can see. From the decor to the menu, a lot of effort and thought were put into making the space as lively and joyful as possible.

But the true star of the show was the food –– presentation and flavour were always on point, thanks to their heavy influences from different cuisines and styles. Dishes such as WhupWhup’s picture perfect Nu’Yolk which features fresh, tender scallops served over a dollop of sweet, custard-like egg yolk puree with shaved parmesan, or even just the modest-looking rustic toast topped with a smooth, coffee-infused carrot butter spread proved to be satisfying and definitely hard to forget.

3. Sitka Restaurant-Studio, at Damansara Heights 

Photo: Sitka Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of the Damansara Heights neighbourhood, Sitka Restaurants serves modern asian cuisine using fresh local and seasonal produce that’s not only pleasing to the eyes of the diner, but also to the palette. With the kitchen constantly innovating the menu to ensure its diners a gastronomical experience, it’s no wonder that Sitka became one of the town’s hidden gems. Sitka Studio is an extension to the restaurant, going for a contemporary take on an already visionary menu that Sitka Restaurant already offers.

The restaurant made the incredibly hard decision to close its doors back in late March, explaining that the only thing keeping them going was their need to deliver and feed the people in their community during the Covid-19 lockdown, and also for their staff to continue working during these trying economic times. However, just recently the restaurant’s official Instagram showed that Sitka possibly found a silver lining in their dark days, stating that there is a short-term solution being put into place to ensure the restaurant continues to run for now. The future of Sitka is still uncertain, but it seems the temporary closure of the restaurant has allowed for things to run its course and possibly provide a new opportunity for Sitka to come back stronger than ever.

4. Bubble Tea Shops, at SS15 Subang Jaya 

Photo: Subang Jaya 梳邦再也

What was once a flourishing bubble tea hotspot at Subang Jaya's Boba Street quickly turned into a ghost town riddled with “For Sale / Rent” signs hanging over closed doors. Fan favourites like Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse and Xing Fu Tang’s Signature Brown Sugar Boba with Milk were sorely missed by loyal customers who would religiously post on their social media back in the pre-MCO days.

Although the popular, more established shops could possibly recover from this, some of the newly opened bubble tea shops like Whale Tea and The Black Boss had to shut down.

5. Lucky Tora, at Changkat

Photo: Lucky Tora

Lucky Tora was always quite the rebel in the Changkat dining scene, from the concept to their vision. As a modern Japanese diner and bar with its neon signs and dimmed atmosphere lighting up the night, it made people feel like they’ve been transported to another realm. During the day, the whimsical air and Japanese-inspired aesthetics of the outdoor space brought a sense of comfort and ease to the diners. Lucky Tora opened their floors for DJs and musicians to perform on event days, adding more life to an already soulful establishment.

In late March, Lucky Tora announced on their Instagram that they would be closing their operations until further notice, but recent updates show that they were only temporarily shut and will be moving to a new location but did not disclose where. It would be a shame if they were to shut off their neon lights for good, so we’re hoping that by some miracle, they would stay true to their name and maybe, just maybe, get lucky.

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