6 Effortlessly Easy Breakfast Recipes for a Fuss-Free Sahur

6 Effortlessly Easy Breakfast Recipes for a Fuss-Free Sahur

Early morning breakfast? Fret not, make these fuss-free recipes that’ll have you in and out of the kitchen in no time

Waking up early in the morning to cook pre-dawn meals can be such a hassle that we’d rather not eat at all. Well, fret not! Here are some fuss-free recipes that’ll have you in and out of the kitchen in no time at all. 

1. Smashed Avocado Toast

A breakfast classic (let's be real, it's an anytime classic), the Smashed Avocado Toast act can never go wrong. The green fruit is such a versatile ingredient that you can put almost anything on it and it'll still taste delicious. No matter if you prefer them sliced, diced or in this case, smashed - it's a superfood that sets you right for the rest of the day. Here, we've added a bit of chilli powder heat and tangy lime to the creamy smashed mash. And here's a tip - lime juice helps the avocado from oxidising and turning brown quickly.

2. Perfect Morning Sweet Date Omelette

Let's face it, come the fasting month of Ramadan, you're bound to have more than enough dates at your disposal. We're talking about medjool dates here by the way, not the ones you find on Tinder. If you're looking for something to up your intake of protein for the day, infuse the slow energy releasing properties of Medjool dates with protein-packed eggs into one savoury and Sweet Red Date Omelette. The double-act of sweetness from dates and savouriness of eggs will leave your tastebuds dancing! Best served with a side of toasted bread or salad.

3. Bubur Lambuk: Beef Veggie Congee That's Easy on Your Stomach

We've all enjoyed a bowl of Cantonese porridge, but did you know that there's an equally delicious Malay porridge counterpart? Bubur Lambuk is a common staple during the fasting month of Ramadan - mosques can usually be seen distributing containers of the spiced, meaty congee. While Cantonese porridge comes with a multitude of side dishes to complement it, Bubur Lambuk has all the workings in it - vegetables, beef and lifting cardamom, cumin and cloves. For us, it’s the ultimate comfort food that's easy on your stomach during the fasting month.

4. Dark Chocolate Caramelised Banana Oatmeal

Are you someone who absolutely loves to start your mornings on the sweeter side of things? If so, the Dark Chocolate Caramelized Banana Oatmeal is just the thing for you. Easy, quick and nutritious, this breakfast staple has all the things you need to jumpstart your day. Oats, a slow-release carb will give you long-lasting energy. Crisp dark chocolate chips lend a big awesome crunch, and sweet caramelised banana because they all go so well together.   

5. Kale Spinach Green Shakshuka

A dish that has existed in Mediterranean and Arabic cultures for centuries, shakshuka ("a mixture" in Tunisian Arabic), is a stew of eggs poached in tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and olive oil spiced with a touch of paprika and nutmeg. Here, the famously red stew is transformed into a gorgeously healthy Kale Spinash Green Shakshuka with baby spinach. We're even using green peppers instead of typical red ones for a gorgeous green look. Spoon into it and lick up, you'll be sure to get a complete dose of protein and nutrients at the start of your day.

6. Lempeng Bawang Quick Savoury Pancakes

Almost every culture in the world has their own version of the quintessential pancake - there's the Korean Hotteok, the Indonesian Martabak and the Piaya from the Philippines. For the Malays, there's Lempeng Bawang. Traditionally served in Malay households for breakfast, the Lempeng Bawang is made with sliced red onions and chopped green onions. Turmeric powder is added for a bit of sunshine before being served with sugar or honey- a thoroughly delightfully sweet and savoury pancake. If you're using sugar, here's a tip - serve the pancakes piping hot and the sugar'll melt into sweet syrupy goodness. Yum.

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