10 Genius Food Hacks You Never Knew Of

10 Genius Food Hacks You Never Knew Of

Genius shortcuts for good food, in double-quick time

Shortcuts, Hacks, Tricks, whatever you call it- are always helpful in life and in the kitchen. No time for ice-cream? Get an ice-cold creamy swirl in a matter of minutes using a bowl and a whisk. And did you know curry puffs can be made using store-bought prata skins? No kneading of dough required. And here are all 10 easy food hacks you should memorise. 

1. Instant Noodle Pizza

If Instant Noodle Pizza was quite possible in your mind, know that it’s extremely possible to do in your kitchen, and downright delicious. Leave your noodles slightly undercooked in the pot as the oven will give it the final touches, leaving a lovely golden brown crunch. Melting mozzarella cheese and juicy Taiwan sausage is the perfect savoury and sweet too.

2. Egg Custard Mochi Puff

What’s white and stretchy, brown and flaky –all at once? Well, it’s the Egg Custard Mochi Puff. The store-bought egg custard filled mochi ball is snugly fitted into a sweet brown puff pastry, transforming into an unexpectedly genius baked treat that takes just under 15 mins in the oven. Our advice? Take a big bite into the varying layers of crust, or pop the whole treat into your mouth and simply savour.

3. Otah Omelette Sandwich

How many ways to eat an otah? Well, here’s one- turn it into a satisfying sandwich. You only need a French loaf, sliced, and into it egg-fried Otah (store-bought is fine) and a fresh handful of veggies to lighten the intensely spiced fish paste. 

4. Prata Curry Puff

Add a twist to your usual Curry Puff by using Prata skin instead! Not only is Prata Curry Puff easy to make since the frozen pratas are readily available at any major grocery stores, but it is also a perfect afternoon snack for everyone at home, at work, or just anywhere on the go. This recipe is also healthier since the curry puffs are being baked instead of being deep-fried. Grab some potatoes, chicken thigh, onions, and frozen pratas and start making your Prata Curry Puff.

5. Curry Beef Cheesy Tacos

A crispy, cheesy shell on the outside. And on the inside, soft beef with a spoon of savoury-sweet miso, all rolled into curry flavours of cumin, coriander, chilli, onion and garlic. Need we say more? Keto-friendly and accomodating, it's a recipe that's delicious and doesn't discriminate.

6. Cauliflower Crumb Chicken Rice

The only chicken rice you can eat guilt-free. This Keto Cauliflower Chicken Rice is an easy-peasy recipe that replace your rice with keto-friendly cauliflower. It’s a great substitute for carb-heavy rice. You get the same garlicky, fat-infused chicken flavour mixed thoroughly into creamy crumbed up cauliflower. Trust me, this is a winning keto chicken “rice” recipe that rivals Singapore’s top hawker food.

7. One-Bowl Matcha Mousse

Want matcha ice-cream fuss-free? This one has the thick, swirling texture of ice-cream, and you make in less than an hour, this ultra-simple mousse recipe is an indulgent treat uses just four uncomplicated ingredients- bitter matcha powder, sweet white chocolate, whipping cream and hot water. Whisk them all together to make a perfect cosy indulgence or a cool treat for in mid-day. Freeze a glass, bowl and spoon for an extra delightful icy touch.

8. One-Pan Okonomiyaki Quesadilla

Combine layers of shredded Mozzarella cheese in a Mexican Quesadilla with the the Japanese Okonomiyaki, and you're in for a treat. The Japanese pancake is a must try when you visit Japan, But if you are craving one right now, this fun Mexican version is easy to make and has all the right flavours of the original version. Top on the delicious dark okonomiyaki sauce and you are good to go, perfect for a lunch time snack or fast dinner.

9. One-Pot Peanut Butter Peanut Soup

Make this in minutes, all in a pot. Simply scoop peanut butter into a hot pot, add water, salt, sugar (or Swerve if you’re on Keto), some cream, to thicken, and tadah! You have a deliciously creamy, thick and wicked Peanut Butter Peanut Soup to slurp on anytime of day. Have it cold or hot, it tastes just as great.

10. Rice Cooker Instant Fried Chicken Rice

The very viral rice cooker chicken rice recipe is now right at your fingertips. And it is as easy as it looks-in a quick 10 mins, you chop a chicken, lay it snugly in a bed of white rice and pour in some beautiful chicken stock. Then exercise patience as you wait for a deliciously savoury chicken-filled aroma to infuse the kitchen and signal that now’s the time to eat.

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