10 Calming Recipes For When You're Feeling On Edge

10 Calming Recipes For When You're Feeling On Edge

Recover that peace of mind with comforting cooking therapy

News these days making you anxious? When you feel your heart pounding and mind racing, take a breath and turn to one of these calming recipes, now. You can make a big batch of steaming ginger milk pudding, and re-heat in individual bowls for anytime those nerves rattle. Or, take spoon after spoon of comforting chicken porridge, and let your thoughts untangle. Whatever it is, these recipes are made for you to recover that peace of mind.

1. Curry Beef Cheesy Tacos

Sometimes you get peace from doing the smallest of things, like watching a piece of cheese bubble, blister and brown. Then, slowly stir-frying minced beef in a pan, seeing it all sizzle with bits of onions and garlic, and smelling the air that's just stirring with cumin, coriander, chillies. After about a half hour of such cooking therapy (this really is one of those recipes), your senses are restored and re-focused to thoroughly enjoy taking big bites into this comforting minced beef cheese shell that's so good to eat. 

2. Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup

Before you dig in, breathe in. This is a blend of some of the most invigorating stuff on the planet. The goodness of carrots, ginger, onions, and to top it off, shining with the golden yellow of turmeric. Don’t stop blending until you achieve a smooth but dense consistency- that’s the perfect soup spot for us. If you’re looking for a smoother soup, blend for longer. If you prefer more texture- a rougher consistency, blend briefly.

3. One-Pan Red Curry Shakshuka

In a little over half an hour, you get a warming river of red curry and oozing tomatoes all in a One-Pan Red Curry Shakshuka. Spoon into a smooth bowl of tomato puree, coconut milk and bubbling pillowy eggs, dressed in a squeeze of kaffir lime and you’re all set to let your hair down, your feet up, dip some buttered bread in, and relax.

4. Steamed Ginger Milk Pudding  

Ever wanted to escape to a time where things were simpler? Find this moment again with a warm bowl of simple milk goodness, all yours in just over thirty minutes. You mainly need egg whites, milk, ginger, all beat up then settled to be either warm or cold. It’s a perfect pudding to let your mind wander.

5. Incredibly Invigorating Golden Milk with Ginger and Almond

Delicious and de-stressing. A hypnotic brew of brilliant yellow turmeric, invigorating ginger and intensely spiced cinnamon makes this warm drink one you must reach for any morning. But at night too, make some in just 10 mins for a comforting bedtime brew. Simply swirl in grated ginger, turmeric, ground cinnamon and sharp black pepper in a river of smooth almond milk and a goop of honey. Sip when warm and bubbly.

6. Deliciously Creamy Matcha Blueberry Smoothie

Fight all those feelings with a boost of champion. All you need is a quick 10 mins to blend up a beautiful rainbow spread of blueberries, banana, and chia in a creamy blend of Greek yoghurt and milk. And all that sweetness is balanced with zesty ginger, chillingly cool mint leaves and bitter matcha powder for all-round goodness. A completely satisfying super tonic for some blues-busting power.

7.  One-Pot Lemongrass Coconut Mussels

A couple of lemongrass stalks, bashed up for more taste, sweet coconut milk, and stress-relieving ginger, this one-pot dish will take your mind away from all the anxiety-inducing events of the week. Focus on each mussel, lick up its dripping juices, tenderly tear off the mussel from its shell and then use the shell to scoop up more sweet coconut milk gravy. Let nothing distract you because nothing’s more important than a pot of indulgence and a time to yourself.

8. Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it helps that there’s one less rule to keep up with. And in this meal, there’s hardly any. In a quick 10 mins, you chuck chicken parts (even better if you get fried chicken from a fast-food joint) snugly on a bed of white rice and pour in some beautiful chicken stock. Then exercise patience as you wait for a deliciously savoury chicken-filled aroma to infuse the kitchen and signal that now’s the time to eat.

9. Oxtail Stew

Be assured that everything has its place, even when things seem to go awry. In this recipe that calls for 20 ingredients, you'll find that after hours of braising and stewing and simmering (yay to work from home!), you fork through a fall-off-bone tender oxtail soaked in a stew packed with nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic, minty basil and sweet onions. It's a huge breath of relief when everything finally comes together, isn't it?

10. Chicken Rice Porridge

Go back to the basics and do it slow. This familiar comfort food is a sizzling mix of chicken fat, soy sauce and sesame oil, and they are what makes this plain porridge magic. It’s helped by garlic and ginger fried to a exude a hypnotic smell that seeps through a warm pot of pillow-y white porridge. A simple and substantial 30 min meal. Dig in and let your mind unwind. 

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